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Yes, the girls see other men. Get over it!

You can’t possibly think that women this beautiful and charming wouldn’t be very busy indeed can you? Russian escorts, eastern European escorts, Latino escorts, they’re all something different, and this makes them very appealing indeed to guys like you we know. Hell, they’re popular with everyone, no matter where they’re from!

And another thing. These girls are London escorts. They’re not waitresses, barmaids or anything else, they’re escorts. So, the reason you’re here on this website is because you obviously know what London escorts do, and this happens to involve spending time with men for a fee. Let’s be realistic about things, this is what they do, they love it and they make a lot of money.

Back to back booking

This isn’t a common occurrence, we assure you. But it does happen that a girl will see a client, and the moment that client leaves, another will be on the way. This isn’t something that we like organising actually, but we are not always aware of it. You see, most of the European and Russian escorts are listed with a number of agencies in London, and they take bookings from all of them. We are unable to know whether or not the girl you have chosen is likely to have just finished with a client before your booking. And in some cases, even if we asked her, she’s not always likely to tell us the truth.

Again, in case you haven’t been reading closely, they’re trying to do business here, just as much as we are. So if they believe for a second that them being with another client so soon before you, will actually prevent them getting the business, they simply won’t tell us. Another reason is that they may well have their own plans to get as many bookings as they can, as close together as they can, so they are able to take time off in bigger chunks that will allow them to actually do something once they’ve un winded.

These are young escort girls with passions other than escorting too. They like to go out to clubs and bars in London with their friends. They like to dine out when they can, see the sights etc. There is so much to do in London, it’s a wonder anyone ever has any time to work!

So, what if they have

So if they happen to mention they saw a client before you, or they are a few minutes late, or something similar, try not to get your nose out of joint about it. Suck it up and get over the fact that they see other guys. It’s their job. They’ll be fresh and ready for your booking, you needn’t worry about that. It’s not as though it’s like a doctor’s waiting room at their apartment, with guys queueing up in the hallway waiting for their turn is it now? It would be a very rare occurrence to actually see another client come and go from an incall escort’s apartment.

A London escort will always make you feel like you are number one, but the truth of the matter is that literally speaking, you probably won’t be. We can’t possibly know how many people she may have seen in the day before you get around there for your appointment, but the fact remains that you are not a “special case,” no more than any of her other clients will have been.

They don’t want a relationship

The thing is, and we’ve said this before we’re sure, these young ladies do not want to get hitched. Not even in the little way. They don’t want to date anyone who isn’t paying them. And that’s as real as it gets gentlemen. This is their job, this is what they do. It doesn’t mean for a second that they won’t be attracted to you of course. We have the knack of attracting to us the type of girls who are very highly sexually motivated and want to be around men most of the time. They have the energy and enthusiasm to see guys as often as they want, for as long as they want.

Arguably a more important thing to mention is that, because it’s a career for them and they’re out to make money, they don’t actually have time to mess around with guys after work. They may only be here for a short time anyway, they may have other projects they need to get to, or a family back home in their own country who they need to be there for and support, in much the same way as you support your family if you have one.


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