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The Difference Between an Escort Job and Prostitution in England?

In the evening, escort girls often get ready for a meeting with a customer. They are attractive, elegantly dressed and look like a modern business lady. The girls who have escort jobs meet with their customers and accompany them to events, go out for dinner or do something else that is specified by the customer. This article by Red-Life explains the differences compared to a normal sex-worker.

The customers usually want an elegant appearance. They usually receive their orders during their normal working hours or during their studies. Escort girls are mostly young women in their 20s. They often come to this kind of adult job through friends and simply want to know how they can actually improve their income so well. It may be difficult for some women to get started, but they quickly realize that the dates with their customers are a lot of fun. There are a lot of escort jobs in the United Kingdom, and they can choose that the escorts want to work “alone“ or for an escort agency, that is officially registered. For example, an experienced 24 years old escort girl can earn more than 1500-2000£ for a night with an escort job in London

The difference between escort work and prostitution

Because escorts are not normal prostitutes - they are not about the bigger number of customers, but about offering high quality service. After all, women must be able to prepare for every social event. The top priority here is discretion and perfect manners, many escorts speak several languages ​​and have good school education. Only few escort ladies are more concerned with fast-earned money - the fun of getting to know people and living out erotic passions is more important. Men who only want to have sex, go to brothels. In the escort area you have more time.

The customers choose the desired escort lady. It is not uncommon after a certain time for some to become regular customers. This has the advantage that women know what to expect. Especially at the beginning of the job as an escort girl, they don't know what happens at a meeting. The ladies know of course that they have to be very discreet. Many customers are married and/or have children. Most escort ladies do not ask private questions because they have no place in the conversation. If the customer says something private, of course, it is something else. They usually just want somebody who listen them. We often find that the more mature London escorts are a good choice for this, since they have more experience.

It goes without saying that this also requires a higher price than the visit of an average prostitute. But clients of escort agencies appreciate the discreet appearance of their temporary partners and are willing to pay a little more for the very special, intimate service.

"We don't sit in the brothel all the time and wait. It happens in the evenings. We usually still have a real life, a main job, hobbies also, a family, children. London escorts live a kind of double life and do not necessarily want to come out as a hooker.“


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