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Questions About Escort Services

Owing to our high quality of service, Angels of London enjoys a reputation as the finest escort agency in all of London. Because of this popularity we can sometimes get very busy. To save our time and yours, we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you if you’re new to hiring sexy young escort girls, or if you’re confused by anything on the site.

Is Escorting Legal in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, escorting is indeed legal. This means that individuals can legally work as escorts, offering companionship and time to clients. It's important to note that while the act of escorting is legal, certain activities often associated with it, such as soliciting in public places, owning or managing a brothel, and pimping (controlling or exploiting escorts for gain), are illegal. The law distinguishes between voluntary sex work, which is legal, and coercive practices like human trafficking and exploitation, which are serious crimes. Escorts and their clients must also be aware of the legal age of consent and ensure that all activities are consensual and between adults. This legal framework aims to ensure the safety and rights of those working as escorts, allowing them to offer services without fear of prosecution, while also putting measures in place to prevent abuse and exploitation. As with any professional service, it's crucial for both escorts and clients to understand and respect the legal boundaries set forth by the law.

Why Book From An Escort Agency?

Vetting Process: Agencies typically vet their escorts for health, safety, and legality. This can offer a level of reassurance about the professional status of the escorts. Professional Standards: London escort agencies often have established standards and practices, which can include confidentiality agreements and professional conduct guidelines. Accountability: There's a higher level of accountability with an agency, as they have a reputation to maintain and can act as an intermediary between the client and the escort. Convenience: Agencies handle the details of the appointment, making the process more straightforward for clients who prefer not to manage negotiations or scheduling directly. Variety: Agencies usually offer a range of choices in terms of escorts, allowing clients to select someone who meets their specific preferences.


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