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“Would you like to make the shower?”

Some of you know, others need an explanation. Those who know have more than likely heard this phrase more than once, and that’s why they’re here on Angels of London. No, it doesn’t mean “would you like to install a shower,” it’s the broken English line that you hear from numerous European escorts, who are not totally fluent in English. But there is a point to this facetious title. Today we’re talking about European escorts and having a little word about hygiene. Two different things we know, but the title demands it really. Why do we have so many European escorts? There’s a short, and an answer that doesn’t delve too far, and that’s the fact that they apply to us, because we have so many of them. If we had a website full of Australian escorts, then we’d probably get more of them applying too. That may have been a little extreme, but you get the picture we’re sure. The other answer is that there are more eastern European girls in need of money than there are any other. Doing something they love and getting paid to do it is a very appealing prospect for a Romanian girl for example. If she sees her friends doing it and she has very little in Romania, it kind of seems the obvious choice. So, even this is perpetuating really. And we should applaud them for being so very proactive, industrious and brave. We have some very young escorts in London, that are from eastern Europe and they’ve done remarkably well taking this step! Rhetorical question! When they do ask you: “would you like to make the shower?” it’s a rhetorical question ok? Just think of it as a rhetorical question and take a shower. The girls are being polite, but really they mean just do it. It doesn’t matter to them when you last had a shower. And when you think about, why should it? They don’t know you, they know nothing about you or whether you really have showered or not. It literally takes a couple of minutes and it’s just the decent thing to do, even if it’s only to make your escort happy and you don’t really need one. How long does it actually take to have that shower anyway? Not long at all! A couple of minutes maximum we’d imagine. You lot want to get in the company of that beautiful woman that’s waiting in the next room we’re certain. So it’s not going to take you long at all. Just think to yourself, that escort you’ve chosen must have spent some time getting herself ready for you. The bad showers We all know that there are some bad showers here and there. Not too many from what we’ve heard, but there is the odd one. You just need to suck it up gents, we’re afraid. If the water comes out freezing, hold your breath and get on with it. Again, remember, it doesn’t take long. And when you get out, don’t go into the next room and complain about the damn shower alright? That’s the most insignificant, yet entirely necessary part of your appointment. So don’t dwell on it. If you want to write about that in a review somewhere afterwards, that’s fine, it’s your prerogative, just don’t make a fuss to your escort. Chances are she already knows about it, and she’s probably already doing everything in her power to get it fixed. It’s not as though these models have done a course in plumbing! The efforts they go to We’d just like to say a special thank you to all the girls we work with at Angels of London, whether they can read this or not. We do so appreciate the efforts they make for their clients. After all, it keeps us in business. One example of a girl we know that’s particularly inspiring is a Russian we have at the agency at the moment (depending on when you read this!) who moved apartment just to make things better for her clients. There were obviously some other reasons, but one in particular was so that she could give her clients a better experience, and some more space. She chose to pay so much more in rent, and live in her apartment alone, without sharing with a friend to lessen the cost. She says it’s the best move she’s ever made, because she can relax much easier with her clients in her new place. That’s a great example isn’t it? It goes a step further than popping out to buy a new dress, or getting your hair and nails done! This is the type of professional escort we deal with, and it makes our job very easy indeed. Those Russian girls really do take their careers seriously.


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