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An appeal for honest reviews

We’re writing again to talk about reviews. We wrote a while ago about our own review process, and how you can leave valuable feedback for the girls on our own website. Today we are writing to appeal somewhat for external reviews. And we are so in need of reviews that we don’t particularly mind whether they’re good or bad!

Why do we want bad reviews?

Well we don’t really, of course we don’t! What London escort agency wants bad reviews for it’s girls? However, because we are an honest and genuine agency, we want as many genuine reviews as we can get, we don’t mind getting a few bad ones too. Plus, when we get a bad review it prompts us to look into what went wrong. Whilst we don’t want to dwell on this too much, we do appreciate any and all feedback. For instance, if it’s a girl who is causing difficulties, we will take her off site if she has been a problem for more than a few clients. If it’s something we can fix at the agency, you can trust that we will, if it’s in our control to do so. The girls of course, are not under our control, we serve them. That doesn’t mean we can’t refuse to represent them though.

Our good reviews should outweigh the bad

We can only hope of course, but we will say here and now that we very rarely suffer bad reviews here at Angels of London. These few and far between reviews are usually as a result of a particularly bad girl where we were not aware. On other occasions it may sometimes be a competitor agency try to ruin our reputation; yes it’s sad we realise, but this is sometimes what they do.

The good reviews

We just want to write something here about good reviews, so that everyone understands Angels of London’s policy with reviewing. We are an agency that really appreciates a good review on our site, or any other independent review site. We just want to make that clear. What we do not do is offer any incentives to our clients to leave a good review. It would be lovely do this of course, and well within our capabilities, but we feel that it is not in keeping with the overall spirit of the industry. Offering incentives, such as discounts, for good reviews, only creates unreliable reviewers in our opinion and an element of distrust. We know other agencies that do this, but they have subsequently had their reviews removed from some of the more discerning independent escort review sites out there; and frankly we agree with them. You really don’t want to get involved in reviewing just for incentives, it’s a no win situation and we’re sure the other independent review sites will quickly be doing the same as the ones that stopped certain agencies.

Where to review

Well there’s obviously our own website. We have a good system to filter out those that have not actually seen the girl they are attempting to review. This makes the reviews more reliable on our site than any other London escort agency in the city. Then of course we come to the independent sites, the ones that are most trusted of all. Punternet is arguably the most often quoted and indeed used. It doesn’t require any payment, and the reviewing system is quick, easy and anonymous. Captain 69 requires a membership fee that’s about £10 a month. This isn’t a huge amount of money however. Not for what’s on offer inside the member’s area. Captain 69 is not just a very highly trusted review site. It’s also a useful forum for hobbyists, agencies and even the girls, to discuss issues, share news about, and answer questions regarding this unique business we’re all in. It’s a very good resource, and if you are a serious escort hobbyist, you should at least try it out.

The Erotic Review

The Erotic Review is next on the list. They’re an American business we believe, although following a change in the law in the US, they no longer accept links from American escort websites and providers etc. So, we’re guessing that the company itself is not registered in the US. This is good for us and our London escorts, since they now have much more exposure for the UK industry. You can pay to be a member on here, but you can use it for free if you keep submitting reviews. The process is a little more complex on The Erotic Review, but like the other two sites, you can still maintain your anonymity etc. and it’s a valuable resource, created by real reviews. So the next time you book one of our lovely ladies, take some time out and write a review for her on at least one of these. It’s great for business and we really appreciate it.


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