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Expensive hotels and not so expensive escorts

It’s a trade off isn’t it? You either book an expensive hotel, or an expensive escort. It’s never both unless you have money to burn. And we know some of you do of course, and we and the girls are very grateful for your business as always. But today’s article is for those of you out there that don’t come to London that often, but when you do come, you want to stay somewhere luxurious. Obviously if you’re on this website, when you come to London you also want to book some company, and this is what we’re here for. We’re going to give you a very brief rundown of some of the classiest and most luxurious hotels in London at the moment, but we’re only choosing those that are located very close to where one of our fine London escorts can get to you easily. Or of course you can get to them.

They don’t need to be expensive

Following the theme of this article, we must add that the girls themselves do not have to be expensive for you to have a good time. It’s your choice entirely to book a luxurious hotel room if you want, so just rest assured that if you want to spend a fortune on your accommodation, we can make it much better with a girl for as little £250 an hour! Or even less actually, if you book one of the £150 escorts for an outcall (then they’ll be £200).

The classiest places in town

You wouldn’t get any arguments from our girls if you invited them to any of the following hotels. Remember that we have girls local to all these hotels.
  • The Lanesborough in Mayfair
  • The Dorchester in Mayfair
  • The Hari in Belgravia
  • Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge
  • Draycott Hotel in Sloane Square
  • The Pelham in South Kensington
  • James' Court in Westminster
All of these hotels are perfectly located for girls, and they would all be very happy to see you either in your hotel, in the lobby/bar or restaurant. You can take them out to dinner, and then to your hotel room if you prefer. Believe us when we tell you that the classier the place you invite them, the happier they’ll be!

No cheap hotels for escorts

If you are going the other way and you want to book a cheaper hotel, this is fine of course, but we do have something to add. You don’t want to invite one of our outcall escorts to a cheap, crappy hotel. They may not even bother coming if they know you’re in a place that’s grotty, or they’re going to get the third degree from some “jobsworth” guy at the front desk, who is probably only upset because he’s not getting any! It’s best to just have an incall booking if you’re saving money on hotels.

It doesn’t have to be outcall

Don’t forget that if you have spent so much on your hotel and you don’t want to spend that extra £50 on an outcall escort coming to visit you, you can go and see them. As we mentioned earlier, all the places we have listed have girls living nearby. You are never more than a very brief walk from a beautiful young woman, just waiting to impress the hell out of you and have you leaving their company with a smile on your face a mile wide!

Talk to us

If you’re staying in a particular hotel and you’d like to see the closest available incall escort, just call or message us and ask which girls we have for you. We know where they all are of course, so it’s nice and easy for us. If you are staying in Bayswater, you want a Bayswater escort that’s close to where you’re staying, you don’t want to walk very far. Some of the girls in that area may be quite a walk away, on the other side of Bayswater, or closer to Lancaster Gate etc. so it really is best to ask if you want the closest.


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