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My Place Hotel – Earls Court: Another great hobbyist hotel

My Place Hotel is a small, modest place located in the Earls Court area. It’s great for all the things you’re on our website for (namely Earls Court escorts!), and it’s literally just around the corner from the tube station on Trebovir Road. There are a number of hotels down that particular road, among the dozens of small and affordable hotels in Earls Court.

An affordable choice

When we say “affordable,” we’re talking about those places that are priced at between £50-90 a night. These hotels are perfect for those London escort hobbyists among you, who come into town for short visits in order to see the girls. And there are plenty of Earls Court escorts to choose from. It seems to be a very popular place for all working girls, but it’s particularly popular with Russian and eastern European escorts. It’s probably because the apartment rentals are more reasonably priced here than right in the centre of London. And it’s the perfect location for anyone to visit an incall girl. Not too far from the centre, but far enough away to be discreet etc. The rental prices are still high of course, we are talking about London after all!

The diversity of Earls Court

All the girls are very big fans of the hugely diverse cultural mix in Earls Court too. Many of them have never experienced such a cosmopolitan city like this before, coming from Russian and Romania etc. If you ask any London escort where she would rather be, she’ll tell you that she prefers London. There are plenty of bars and restaurants from different cultures offering a wide range of cuisines, as well as the classic English boozers too; the Earls Court tavern being among our favourites in the area. And whilst we’re on our way back to the main topic of our article, there are also some great independent places to enjoy breakfast. We mention breakfast because it pertains to the subject of My Place Hotel, and we’re telling you about alternative places to have your breakfast because the one at My Place is less than satisfactory. We have written about breakfasts before on this Gentleman’s Guide about breakfasts in these kind of hotels. It’s the standard processes meat and cheese slices, toast, jam, and horrible breakfast cereal that you wouldn’t feed your dog, never mind use to provide yourself with enough fuel for the day. But it’s not all bad news for My Place Hotel. One of our favourite things about it, whilst we’re still on the subject of catering, is their free tea and coffee throughout the day. In fact it’s pretty much there for you all day long. We’re certain that it’s also more cost effective for the hotel too, rather than having those sachets and little tubs of milk in each room. Basically if you’re not really a coffee drinker, you’re not likely to want to run up and down the stairs, or in the elevator, just to get a cup of coffee. When we stayed there, this was very welcome indeed, simply because were mostly working. Anyway, it’s all good news if you’re looking for a little caffeine boost, so you can another of our Earls Court escorts. You may need a little more than just caffeine for some of these girls though!

The rooms

The rooms in My Place Hotel are pretty average, for the price really, and we have stayed here on a couple of occasions, so we know a little more about it. There’s the standard television that’s too small to see, mounted high on a wall that’s too far away, so you may as well not bother. Storage is great. In fact if anything there’s too much storage in those old fashioned big wooden side tables, dressers and wardrobes. The rooms are clean and acceptable enough for short stays, with good ventilation etc. Good showers, with very hot water (so watch out for that when you turn it on!) Toiletries are provided too, and daily housekeeping provides clean, fresh towels. The beds were pretty comfortable, with plenty of pillows. Although on our last visit we would suggest that they replace a few of the lumpier ones. There are some squeaks here and there, but they are relatively old wooden beds and it’s to be expected really. All the furniture in the rooms we have seen are of the same dark wood. It’s quite nice if you like that old-fashioned style.

A base for incall bookings, not outcalls

As we’ve said about other places, My Place Hotel is probably not the type of hotel you would invite one of our Earls Court escorts to visit, there’s someone on the front desk all the time, and you just never know who you’re going to get do you?

Incall Earls Court escorts

Anyway, as long as it’s not chucking it down with rain, you can always just put on your shoes and go for a little walk around Earls Court can’t you? Have a little look at the Dr Who Tardis, get yourself a coffee from Paul, or something to eat, and visit one of the girls. You’d be very surprised just how close some of them are to My Place Hotel! Earls Court is a nice neighbourhood to be late at night too, there aren’t too many dodgy folks around. It’s mainly people going home or going to visit London escorts, ironically enough… Who’d have thought it? We have quite a lot of new Russian escorts in Earls Court at the moment, so message us anytime if you have questions, or just want to book. Most of the girls have good availability, but it’s always best to book in advance when you can.


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