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What happens to you when you get married

You might already be married? We don’t know, but either way, whether this serves as a warning to you, or just an eye-opener for those already in “matrimonial bliss”, as always, we’re happy to help. If you’re already married and you’re here on a London escort website, there are signs right there that things are not all they should be at home. Forgive us for pointing it out, and we’re not passing judgement. We don’t really believe in monogamy anyway, as you will probably already know. It’s an impossible situation to expect a man (or indeed a woman) to remain emotionally and physical connected to just one partner for the rest of their lives.

Your fitness

When you get married, you become tamed. It’s a fact. You don’t look after yourself as much, simply because you don’t need to. Some would say that your wife makes you soft around the edges, but we’re not that bad, we don’t think there is some conspiracy whereby women try to keep their men by making them undesirable to anyone else. In any case, when you have a wife and/or a family in your home, you will end up with more food in the fridge than when you were a bachelor!

Anyway, once you get having children (which is often an inevitable part of getting married) you won’t have the time to go to the gym anymore. You’ll work, you’ll come home, take care of everything and then go to sleep. Is there any wonder at all that men seek the company of escorts when they’re in London and they have the time and money to spare?

Your friends

All the friends you had when you were single, will more than likely no longer be your friends when you’re married. Well, at least not in the same way. You will have to give up certain friends when your wife doesn’t like them, and you will end up with more “couples” in your life than you ever dreamed you’d have. There’s nothing worse than having to like someone because they’re the partner of someone else. Marriage really does create such duplicitous characters our of us all.

Your home

You may have to leave your current home, simply because it’s too small. Then you’ll end up having to get a place together, where all your things will come under scrutiny. Whether they fit the décor or not will be an issue. You’ll have arguments over the type of curtains you want to get, what colour to paint the walls, and what furniture you need etc. Then you’ll need to put up with all her extra stuff. You like your pretty ladies we know (of course you do, you’re browsing beautiful European London escorts!) but are you ready to have all that makeup, all those beautify products, brushes and paraphernalia in your bathroom and bedroom? You have to ask yourself if it’s worth it at the end of the day. Especially when you can spend time with beautiful escorts who have made themselves available to you for a certain amount of time. Sometimes much of the fun of being with escorts is the fact that you can leave again!

Your money

Your money is simply no longer your money. You’re accountable now. You will more than likely have to explain where every penny is spent. If you want to have secret fun with escorts, you’ll have to move money around carefully or have a different account that she doesn’t know about etc. Then you see, already you’re being deceptive and straining against a lifestyle you have chosen to purse. It’s not natural to choose marriage when you really want to have fun with other women.

Our opinion

It’s not often that people have the courage to let their opinions loose on the world and accept the consequences of that, but this is not us. We are quite prepared to share what we think. And what we believe is that if you are yet to get married, simply don’t bother. In our opinion, these days it’s far less important. You can still have a family, or a partner etc. but remain aloof to all that binding marriage nonsense. No-one really fully appreciates it, and there is less and less respect for it these days.

So, think about it long and hard before you take the plunge. Think about your sports car and think about having to trade it in for a car you’re going to hate. Think about how you won’t be able to go out as often and think about everything we’ve mentioned. Then… Then think about all the beautiful Russian and European London escorts you can see on our site, all over the city!


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