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Staying fit and healthy (for young London escorts)

None of us are getting any younger, this much is obvious. But some of us want to stay a little younger for a good reason. That reason is of course spending time with young escorts. Age isn’t important It’s just a number to us, as it is to our London escorts. They’ve never had a problem spending time with older men. Hell, older men are their most common type of client. Besides, it’s a common fact that young women always tend to go for the older, more experienced gentlemen. Not just escorts you understand, we’re talking about regular girls too. It’s something to do with experience of course, but there’s a lot to with security (financial and emotional) and the fact that an older man is truly able to appreciate the charms of a younger woman and to not demand too much from them. Men don’t understand women! The vast majority of men however, don’t really approach younger women. It’s partly a confidence thing. Although, ironically enough, self confidence is another factor that attracts younger women to the older man. But it’s mostly that age old problem whereby men just don’t understand women. Older men still don’t totally get that younger women are into them, regardless of how many articles like this exist. Well, you should know by now that what we publish here isn’t nonsense, so at least when it comes to young London escorts you can trust that what we tell you about them actually being genuinely attracted to older men is real. They wouldn’t be pursuing a career in this business if they weren’t having a hell of a lot of fun with the men they see. So, do you think that you’ll take our word for it? Confidence from fitness Now, you don’t have to be the next “Men’s Health” cover model, you just need to be doing something to contribute to your improved fitness. Not for the girls remember, they’re happy with you. But it will give you an enormous sense of well-being to know that you’re a little firmer here and there, or able to walk to the top floor of a converted London townhouse to get to your incall escort appointment! Are you a “gym goer”? If you’re a gym type of person, but you’ve recently arrived, we have some suggestions for you. You may also have just decided you’re a “gym person” and you are looking for somewhere to go before and/or after work. You may even fancy going for a quick workout in your lunch hour. Although if you’re anything like we suspect, you’d probably prefer to call on one of our beautiful ladies at lunchtime instead! Try one or more of the following, depending on whereabouts you are staying, live or work:
  • Soho Gyms – Various locations
  • PureGym – Various locations, although we like the one in Great Portland Street
Not a “gym goer”? If you are not into working out in the gym, all is not lost. You can still keep yourself in shape and gain some confidence from it by doing things outside of the gym. It’s not terribly hard to stay in shape really, it just requires a certain amount of dedication. HIIT Workouts Have you ever heard of HIIT workouts? Or bodyweight exercises? Well, depending on your current state of fitness, you can make some massive gains this way. Even our escorts tend to do this sort of thing. Unless they’re Hyde Park escorts and they’re able to just pop out for a quick run in the park, they pretty much have to rely on what they can do in the confines of their apartments so that they don’t miss out on a booking. You must understand that most of the European and Russian escorts we represent are not over here permanently and they like to make themselves as available as possible in order to maximise their earning potential. Some go to their nearest gym early in the morning when they know they won’t be too busy! So what is it? High impact, intensity training, we believe, but it could be the other way around, or we could have it totally wrong. Either way it’s really good, and it works. Basically, you do 30 seconds of hard exercise, then 20-30 seconds of rest. You do this for about 20 minutes, and it’s about the same as going for a run in terms of fitness gains. The workouts involve combinations of sit ups, press ups, jogging on the pot, burpees, squats etc. The best thing about them is that you can do them whenever and wherever you want. You can do them at home. You can even do them at work if you have the right environment. And it’s not exactly hard to find 20 minutes in your day or your evening when you get home is it? Give it some time If you start doing these workouts, or you begin working out in the gym, it won’t take long for you to start seeing physical changes in your body. These alone will make you feel much better about yourself, give you enormous boosts of self-confidence, and once you begin to actually feel fitter, you’re going to have much more fun with our escorts!


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