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What to do if your London escort doesn’t look like her pictures

You’ve all been there before we’re sure. You’ve all looked at these pictures on Adultwork and then turned up to find out the pictures are actually years old, or worse still of someone completely different! It's a perennial problem for hobbyists all over London, and indeed the UK, when booking independent girls.

Independent girls don’t have an agency to answer to if a client isn’t happy. You can complain to the girl when you arrive of course, but you’re unlikely to get the answer you’d be interested in hearing. Besides we’re betting that if your “little brain” has taken charge of the situation, you’ll probably disregard what she actually looks like, because you’re just happy to be with a woman under these circumstances. But it doesn’t make it fair does it? You shouldn’t have to put up with that. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way you know, it’s really just a matter of choice, and more importantly discipline!

Agency girls

An agency can’t actually do that much if the girl you go to see isn’t as she looks on the website. The girl is beyond their “control” as it were, but they can certainly refuse to send her any more jobs. You could argue that the agency should meet with all their girls, and they do as much as possible we can assure you. Here at Angels of London we meet personally with the London escorts in order to decide whether or not to represent them. Not a lot of people know that. But we can still sympathise with those agencies that just don’t get the time and they trust the girls that apply to them a little too much. Publishing pictures, only to find out that the girl in questions isn’t who she said she was, is a very damaging thing to an escort agency.


Obviously, we meet with the girls, and we have explained that not all agencies are able. There do have to be some allowances made however. We have to be serious about this. If you’re going to get your knickers in a knot because the girl in the pictures had smoother skin, or the pictures didn’t show that she had that mark on her thigh, or something simple like this, you have to ask yourself whether or not you’re just being picky. After all, these are women we’re talking about, and they like to look their best at all times. If a photographer took a picture of you and then asked if you’d like him or her to make you look even better, even if it was just a little, we’re betting that you would want to look your best.

Adjust a little lighting here, smooth out a wrinkle or two there and before you know it, you have your new dating site profile picture. So, don’t get yourself too bent out of shape about a few changes here and there, because you’re probably doing the same yourself. We all want to portray a good image of ourselves, and London escorts have to do this even more because of their career. Not to mention that there is so much competition in this arena. You only have to look at the escorts we have in our gallery to see how much competition there is!

If it’s really THAT bad!

If it really is that bad when you show up, you must always just walk away. This is because you don’t only owe it to yourself not to be ripped off by scamming escorts, you owe it to every other hobbyist who may come along after you. You’re not obliged to go through with any booking, agency or independent. You can choose to stay and explain why you are dissatisfied, or you can just walk. It’s better to walk because you won’t cause a scene and embarrass yourself, the girl, or anyone else who may overhear your conversation.

If you choose to stay and go through with your booking, be sure to leave her a review on the website you booked her from, contact the site owner and let them know, and also leave reviews on the independent escort review sites: Captain 69, Punternet, and The Erotic Review. This way you’ll warn everyone else about the girl. And if she’s an eastern European or Russian escort, the chances are that she will be going under another name at a number of different websites. People will recognise the same pictures and soon be able to work out that it’s her.

Don’t pay anything

If the escort you see is so unlike the pictures on the website that you wouldn’t have chosen her, there is not reason to pay her a penny, even if she travelled to you. If she travelled to you, she may complain that you owe her money, but you do not. You are not obliged to pay someone for misleading you. If this happened to you at Angels of London (which is highly unlikely) we certainly would never expect you to pay anything to contribute to the girl’s travel expenses. In many respects, whether she’s an independent or an agency girl, it would be her fault that you turned her away, for trying to trick you into a booking with someone who looks nothing like her pictures.


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