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Breakfast at Carluccio’s

So you stayed over in South Kensington? Perhaps you even live there (lucky you!)? Either way, we’re writing this article to give you a little insight into where we recommend to go for your breakfast/brunch after a hot date with one of our South Kensington escorts.

Speaking of which, we have a marvellous selection of girls available to you all over Kensington and Chelsea. Most of the South Kensington escorts we represent at Angels of London reside very close to the tube stations, either Sloane Square or South Kensington. They all have lovely, fully functional apartments (as you’d expect them to be in this area of London) and they also offer outcall services to apartments and most major hotels in the Chelsea and Central London area.


Back to fundamentals! So we’re assuming that you’ve had a marvellous night and you are ready to replenish some energy. There are always awful hotel breakfasts at the cheaper places, but we never recommend them. You know the type we mean we’re sure. There are usually a few croissants that will never go out of date, selected jams and such, that will also never go out of date etc. Then you will find some muesli that looks and tastes like it was collected from the bottom of a hamster’s cage. And to top it all off, the choice of meats and cheeses look as though they would probably poison you. After a night to remember with one of our escorts in Chelsea, the last thing anyone wants to do is queue up for a thimble full of orange juice. What you need is relaxed surroundings and table service for the morning after the night before!


Yes, they are all over, they’re a chain. But they do retain some individuality. Actually we do believe there are a couple in South Kensington, but for the purpose of this article we’re referring to the one opposite the station. It’s a really large one with tables all over. We’re rather partial to the ones that are in the window because you can spend your time watching the Chelsea elite go by (and perhaps some Chelsea escorts). And boy oh boy, there are some very bizarre sights in Chelsea; particularly if you don’t directly follow the London fashion scene.


The breakfasts at Carluccio’s are really nice. Many of our Chelsea escorts end up in Carluccio’s because of this, and that they serve it until quite late in the day. Give the eggs benedict a try if you like roasted ham. If you’re not into meat, go for the eggs Florentine, that’s pretty much the same, only made with spinach instead of ham. Both have the lovely hollandaise sauce, and the eggs have always been poached to perfection whenever we’ve been. We’re afraid that it’s not really much of a restaurant review because we don’t know that much about the menu, other than the eggs! The coffee is proper Italian espresso though, served on Carluccio’s trademark metal tray with a small glass of water. And if you’re a European escort, you really appreciate good coffee when you discover it!

What our South Kensington escorts like best

By far the most enjoyable thing for the escorts in South Kensington is the fact that they can get some privacy and space, away from pretty much everyone. In a place that big, where they don’t insist on choosing your place for you, you can sit tables and tables away from anyone else; the waiting staff don’t mind walking at Carluccio’s (and they probably know some of the London escorts too!)

Escorts need time

It’s much more important than you could imagine really. When they’ve been up all night and half of the previous day, spending time with their clients and sometimes partying for long periods of time, having an hour to themselves in the morning could hardly be denied them could it? So, if you see a beautiful young woman in yoga pants and dark glasses, sitting in the corner at Carluccio’s, it’s probably best to just leave her well alone. You wouldn’t want to put her off her coffee would you?


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