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Great place to invite outcall London escorts

If you’re in London for a while, or perhaps just the night, and you would like an outcall London escort experience, we have some advice for you. It really needn’t always be a hotel with prying eyes judging you. Today we champion the humble apartment rental, and one particularly good hotel at a very affordable price.

Apartment rentals

You can find good apartment rentals online. You can do this via their own websites or Google, or use one of the better booking sites like (which also give you reward points). Another way to get a good one, in a good location, at a good price is to use Airbnb. Some of these place are really nice, and some at a fraction of the price you would pay in a hotel.

The best thing about staying in an apartment is that you do away with the dreaded front desk. You will more than likely be staying in a converted London townhouse, and you’ll need to buzz your escort into the building. In much the same way as an incall escort buzzes you in to see her. Alternatively, you can go down to greet her at the door of you wish. This can be particularly fun if you’re a couple of floors up, there is no lift, and you choose to walk behind her! Of course, if you’re being a considerate escort hobbyist and you plan to see your girls in an apartment, get one with an elevator; it’s the gentlemanly thin to do isn’t it?

They’re not concerned

All the outcall escorts we represent are well and truly used to this by the way, so you needn’t concern yourself with how they feel about coming to an apartment rather than a hotel. When you embark on a career that sees you spending time with random men you have never met before, you can’t really be of a nervous disposition! You must always go out of your way to make your escort feel welcome however.

Welcoming your outcall escort

The best thing to do is not to apply any pressure to your escort when she arrives. Shelve your expectations for the evening, at least until your companion had familiarised herself with her new environment. She’s going to be there for the next hour or so, or perhaps even for the whole evening, so it’s quite important that she feels happy about everything. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. As we have just reminded you, these young ladies are real professionals. On top of their “climatization,” for want of a better word, it might be a good idea to have in a few creature comforts. At bottle of wine or champagne is always a nice idea (and not the cheap stuff either, these girls have taste you know!) Even get in a few beers too, you never know what individual girls may want to drink. Always have spring/mineral water in, and tea and coffee too. It’s not going to eat too much into your time to offer your companion some refreshment is it?

Hotels to invite your escort

We’ve championed apartments, so now it’s time for hotels. There is a hotel on Draycott Street in South Kensington that’s pretty good for escort meets in our opinion. We’re sure you can find many more. This hotel is recommended because after a certain time there is no front desk staff. This means that you can have girls back to your room without anyone knowing about it. It’s their policy not to allow anyone in your room, other than those on the booking, but we sincerely doubt that they would bother you, or even know about it really. Think about all those young, busty London escorts you could spending private time with!

The hotel is called The Done – Sloane Square and it’s at 31 Draycott Street. Don’t tell them we said you can invite escorts to their place of course! The other reason we recommend it, other than the fact that it’s clean, tidy and cheap, is it’s location. It’s literally just around the corner from a couple of popular apartment buildings for incall South Kensington escorts. So if you change your mind, you are not too far away from some lovely female company. And even if you are booking your girls to come to this hotel, they won’t have far to go if you book from our available South Kensington escorts.


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