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Some of our escorts are “real women!”

Perhaps we should explain in greater detail. When we say “real,” we don’t mean the rest aren’t real of course. In today’s article we are focusing on the London escorts we have that do not necessarily conform to that usual, tall, skinny model look. Today we celebrate the shapely, the curvy, and the ones with a few extra pounds to spare.

Not all men are the same

Not every man wants to spend time with a super slim escort. Some of you like something to get hold of! (not that we’re saying you will of course!) But we know there are those of you out there that really do prefer a curvy woman. You like the big boobs, the round ass, the larger tummy and thighs, and perhaps the love handles too. These women always look stunning in close fitting dresses, when you can easily define all their curves.

Confident and comfortable

The great thing about the curvier girls is the fact that they are escorts above all else. This on it’s own grants them with a lot more confidence. Too often are larger ladies under confident because of their size. This is still an issue in the media and these women are continually bombarded by images of “the perfect figure”. It’s not really fair is it? Especially since there are guys like you out there that prefer these girls, or BBW escorts as some people like to refer to them as. An escort with curves will never suffer the size insecurities that another woman may experience. This is mainly because they spend much of their time being thoroughly appreciated by men who will pay good money to be beside them! A truly discerning hobbyist who likes larger ladies, will search high and low for an escort like this. Even if he usually books the slim girls that most agencies have on their website, when a big girl comes along, he’ll book her straight away. This is simply because he will have experience of these women, and he knows that it’s an experience like no other.

First time with a BBW escort in London?

If it’s your first time booking a BBW London escort, then you really are in for a treat. You can forget all about the other bookings you may have had before you made the choice for one like this. It’s going to be totally different. It’s mainly due to this confidence and the fact that all the larger escorts we’ve ever had the pleasure of representing, are never really self-conscious at all. They’re genuine, friendly and very highly sexed most of them. They can’t get enough men to be perfectly honest. Having such lowered inhibitions is very refreshing indeed, and it will become immediately evident to you straight away. It’s actually quite hard to describe. We’d go so far as to call it ineffable we suppose. And you don’t have to worry about being a little nervous when you first meet your chosen girl either. They are quite used to first time BBW escort hobbyists. They realise that you may need a moment to quite literally “take it all in,” and they’re fine with that. They know that what they have is very appealing to men, and they know that if you chose them from our website, you must have a genuine interest in them too.

Great dinner dates

To begin with, no, we don’t mean just because they’re larger than the other girls that they just like to eat. That’s not the point we’re getting at. That would be rude and presumptuous. However, they love dinner dates, in much the same way as all escorts do (mainly because it’s a free dinner and it’s also a longer booking of course!) The reason they make such great dinner dates is that they can truly “let their hair down,” so to speak. They’re not counting calories, or only choosing the salad, or staying off the wine because it’s going to get them fat etc. like some of the skinny girls will. When you book a real woman for dinner, she’s going to enjoy herself thoroughly, and by extension, so too will you!

Choosing one of our “real women” escorts

Sadly, we just don’t get that many applications from these sorts of girls. It’s sad for them and it’s sad for you, but mostly it’s sad for us (speaking selfishly of course) because we know just how popular they are and that we’ll make a shed load of commission from their bookings! So we don’t really have a gallery page dedicated to them we’re afraid. It’s going to have to be very much a case of you browsing the gallery and discovering them for yourself. But in our opinion, this is often half the fun!


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