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Angels of London Recommended Escorts – Trust us!

Considering we have been in the business for a long time, you would be very surprised to learn just how many new clients still don’t fully trust our recommendations. When you take as many escort bookings as we do, you get to know your escorts very well indeed. You get to know the type of clients they like the best, the type of dates they prefer, and sometimes even the things they like to get up ton on their dates (not that we ever really care to know these sort of things of course, it’s none of our business!)

What they like is important when recommending them to you

When we’re making a recommendation it’s based on a number of different things. Not least important among them is what they actually like doing. It’s not that they don’t enjoy just being with you of course, it’s just that they all have their favourite things to do, just like everyone else of course. For example, all the girls love to go out on a dinner date, but some have better English skills than others and some are better conversationalists etc. We know these things, and we know these things much better than you do. The bottom line here, and the thing that makes what they enjoy most important, is that she’s going to be even happier to be with you that she already is. And that is saying something!

Other recommendations

We also take our clients’ feedback very seriously indeed. We will recommend escorts based on what others have said about her and what you are looking for. Some girls have an enormous amount of feedback and are usually highly recommended, but that doesn’t mean that those who girls who have barely any feedback at all won’t be perfect for you. Again, it all comes down to trusting your escort agency and what they can tell you. If you are attracted to a girl, then this is clearly a good reason to book her. But just consider that we have a mountain of further information about all the girls that we would be happy to put to good use in making a recommendation.

Give us your feedback

It’s incredibly important to send us your feedback when you have any. Just a quick, brief message to tell us you had a nice experience is enough really, but if you want to tell us anything else, we would love to hear from you. Don’t forget that you can also email us, or simply call us on the phone for a chat. It’s all this feedback , our own experience and knowledge of the girl, and any independent reviews she has had, that allow us to make a very accurate recommendations to literally anyone who asks us. So, you see, all you need to do is ask.


And whilst we are on the subject of recommendations and reviews, we would like to appeal yet again to our regular clients (or new of course) who have experienced just what our girls are like, to submit a review or two on any one of the independent escort review websites. The usual suspects are of course:, and People tend to trust the reports they read on these websites more than they do any comments on any agency website.


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