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Too many escorts can be a problem!

Don’t Overstretch Yourself

We know you love our London escorts as much as anyone else, but you can only do so much you know? We’re writing this blog, strangely enough to discourage you from booking too many of them. We suppose the theme of today’s article is “don’t bite off more than you can chew!”

Your plans with our escorts

This is mostly to those of you who are only ever in town for a few days at a time, and you like to see as many girls as you can. We totally get it. Life, time and opportunity is short these days, and for some more than others we’re sure. However, you could well be doing yourself a disservice by rushing around and “over-booking” yourself! Whilst we don’t keep a track of you guys, we know the booking patterns of several “types,” if you will.

>Why don’t we want more money?

You will more than likely be aware that we collect a commission from every booking we make for a girl at the agency. So, this obviously begs the question: why are we telling you not to book as many beautiful young London escorts as you feel like?

Well, it’s a lot more than money that we’re after. We want to maintain a good reputation and we want al of your escort bookings to be memorable. And whilst we don’t doubt the ability of all the girls to make you happy, we know that more bookings close together can often result in a desensitising effect on the client. How much of a good thing can you really have? If you have done this sort of thing in the past and always had a great time, far be it for us to stop you now. Carry on booking as many as you like, we’d just like to point this much out, that’s all.

Your spending

And when you think about it, if you’re spending between £150-300 on an escort, you want it to be an amazing experience to remember don’t you? Booking a girl in the afternoon and paying that money can often seem like a bit of a waste if you’re only going to spend the same again in the evening and essentially replace the memory (or at least lessen it) of the escort booking you had earlier.

Extended bookings

You could take our advice and trust our judgement with recommending one girl to you, with whom you can spend two or more hours with. This will result in you having an even better experience to remember, and you won’t be cancelling it out with a later booking. You can have just as much fun with an escort on an extended booking. You can always ask her if she’d mind changing her outfit halfway through your booking even. Your chosen young lady could end up looking like a totally new escort; and it doesn’t take them long to change, trust us, we know!

Duo London escorts

If you insist on seeing as many girls as you can whilst you’re here in London, you might want to have a browse of our duo London escorts gallery. You will often find two perfect young ladies there for you. One blonde, one brunette, one busty, one not so busty. It goes on and on, there are too many types to list here. But with an escort duo you will pay the same as two escorts, only you’ll get them at the same time.


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