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Keeping your energy up for London escorts in Earls Court

When you’re in Earls Court and you’re on your way to see one of our Earls Court escorts, you may decide to get there a little earlier in order to get yourself a bite to eat. We’re very well aware that a number of you go and see an escort after work too, and it’s sometimes not possible to see one straight away because they can often be so very busy. You should take this opportunity to get yourself mentally and physically prepared for your date!

Feed the body, feed the mind

The thing about seeing escorts, or trying to do anything really, is to be adequately fuelled. Your body won’t be functioning properly unless you’ve eaten, and if your body isn’t functioning properly, neither will your mind. If you’re going to see one of our lovely ladies, you want to be completely ready, and you want to be happy. There’s nothing worse for our girls than meeting a horribly miserable client; or perhaps worse than this would be a drunken one.

Our latest Earls Court recommendation

So back to fundamentals. We’re talking about Byron Burger today. It’s one of those places that so many people overlook, and so many believe is just another burger joint. It’s a very unassuming restaurant, and doesn’t look particularly big from the outside. But once you get inside, it stretches right back, and there’s usually a lot of people in there. The atmosphere is really quite electric most of the time. Probably not the type of place to take a London escort, but certainly a place to refuel.

It’s not necessarily a place where you feel as though you need to go with a partner, friend, or group of friends however. You could actually just call in there on your way home from work for a burger (they do other things too of course!), and it’s very relaxed too, so you can always feel at home there. You don’t get rushed by the waiting staff either; which is always a bonus.

Recommended by Earls Court escorts too

There are a number of the girls you will find on our Earls Court page that have eaten here before. Not that burgers are perhaps part of the staple diet of an escort who is trying to watch her figure of course. But it’s not this that we believe they go for predominantly. It’s more than likely the convenient location and the quick and efficient service. As you all know by now, the girls like to keep themselves busy, so going to a restaurant where they can get good food, quickly is a must. Plus it’s literally next to Earls Court station!

Another factor to consider for the escorts in Earls Court is that Byron, despite being busy, does offer some quiet spots, and it’s relatively private. You can’t see the diners from the road, through the windows really. Not unless they have the front doors all open and those diners are sitting right at the front of the restaurant.

Smoking at Byron

Speaking of which, when they have the doors left open onto the street in the nice weather, if you’re not a smoker, you may want to move further into the restaurant to avoid those who are sitting just outside the door smoking. Sitting out there is very nice if you’re a smoker. The tables are very “rustic” in design out the front – namely metal and a little rickety – but it’s all very quaint (and how much do you actually pay attention to the table when you’re sitting outside, having a beer, a burger and a smoke?

The food

It’s a hard call, we have to say, but we have been to a number of burger places in London and we have to say that Byron Burger has to rank up there in the top three at least. Some of our friends and colleagues would say that it’s the best by far. We haven’t all tried everything off the menu of course, but if you’re after a recommendation from us, we would have to tell you to keep it simple and choose the Byron Burger. It really is very nice, there are no more words that could tell you how much we like it. Also, it’s worth noting how much those Brazilian London escort enjoy a nice slab of beef!

You can get your burgers in a variety of different sizes etc. and they’re all served with nice burger relish and garnish, with a large slice of pickle on the side; fresh and very tasty indeed! The fries are very nice too, among many other side orders if you’re extra hungry. But we would stick with the burger and fries. However, if you’re going to have the Byron Burger, you really should get a Byron Beer too. It’s their own beer, which they create alongside a particular London brewery (can’t remember the name of it at this time). It’s made exclusively for Byron and it tastes really nice, if you can get past the fact that it’s served in a can (you do get a glass of course!)

Dinner or lunch with a woman

You might want to take your wife or girlfriend to a place like Byron if you like. Take the kids too if you have any, it’s a family friendly place. However, if you’re looking for a London escort dinner date, it’s probably not the type of place to take her. Whilst it is your choice to go for lunch or dinner wherever you want with your professional companion, they are used to very upmarket places, and they may not be that keen on burgers. It’s probably best you stick to going before your date. Referring again to the beginning of the article, after a visit to Byron Burger, you’re going to feel happy and full of energy by the time you’ve finished.


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