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No Knights in Shining Armour Please!

London Escorts do not need Rescuing

It pains us to write articles like this, but this is an issue that presents itself constantly in our line of business. And it’s really time that we cleared a few things up about it. In brief, we should tell you that every single girl we represent at Angels of London is absolutely not in need or rescuing. Not by you, not by anyone!

London escorts know what they are doing

The vast majority of escorts in London, no matter which agency you book them through, know exactly what they are doing, and they’re not being coerced in any way at all to pursue a career in this business. It’s a personal choice they have made, and one that very few of them ever regret. It’s a great way for many young eastern European and Russian women to make good money.

You are probably aware that there are very poor regions in eastern Europe and Russian and these girls just want to get out from under it all, enjoy themselves in a more liberated and cosmopolitan city, do some shopping, and make shed loads of money! What a teenage London escort can make in London in a week is much more than many Romanians etc. can make in months! It’s a no brainer really wouldn’t you agree?

Beautiful girls and massive demand

You’ve heard of “supply and demand?” This is a prime case of that. These girls all have friends back home, and their friends have friends etc. and there is always someone who knows someone who works as an escort (or who has in the past). So, it’s not like these girls are being knocked on the head, shoved into sacks and being brought over here is it? There is a massive demand for beautiful and charming young ladies in London, and as long as there continues to be (and it will), there will always be an inexhaustible supply of young ladies keen to visit London, and even keener to earn some real money!

You would be surprised at just how resourceful these girls are. They all speak English because it’s taught to them overseas, and they’re all very well capable of negotiating their way to London without any trouble at all. It helps them if they have a friend already staying over here of course, but they can easily rent an apartment in the city and send out applications to escort agencies. It has to be one of the easiest jobs in the world to get if you’re beautiful and smart! Just look at all the Brazilian London escorts that are coming to London these days. These are more resourceful young ladies.

Don’t bother them!

So, the point we’re making (and we just knew we had one!) is that they don’t need you to ask them a million questions about why there are here and why they’re doing what they’re doing. Oh, and arguably the worst form of condescension is when someone feels sorry for them and what they do. They could in all fairness ask you exactly the same questions in return, and then feel sorry for you couldn’t they? But no, no-one wants to hear that. You’d be amazed at what they put up with sometimes! They don’t need you to be their boyfriend and take them away from it all. In fact, to most of them this would be laughable. They could well be wealthier than you! And they’re certainly happy!

There are trafficked girls of course

There will always be this bad element all over the world. We are unaware of if it happens, or how it happens in London, and we don’t want to know anything about it. We will never represent any girl we believe to be trafficked by anyone. It’s wrong, and it’s just not our style to be honest. We’re not even entirely sure how this happens to be honest, but we believe there is a lot of coercion involved, perhaps passports being held etc. Either way it’s just not good enough, not when there are so many young ladies that willingly want to work in the London escort business!

If you are ever in a situation where you feel as though a girl you are with is in trouble, or if they ask you for help, you should leave immediately and contact the authorities without hesitation. You won’t have to give your name or any details, just make the call from a call box and do it anonymously. They will investigate, and you could be helping someone. However, having said that, we don’t really hear about it going on anymore anyway. There will always be bad people out there, but we stay away from them!

Always book your London escorts with confidence from Angels of London!


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