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Tell us what you want (from your London escort)

Well, not literally of course! That would only end up getting messy, and we’re quite sure we don’t want to know exactly what you want from these beautiful young ladies; we’re pretty sure we can guess. Besides, we’re not into that kind of information, each booking is between you and your escort, and nothing whatsoever to do with us.

What we’re getting at today is what you want from your girl in terms of appearance and such. We are very well aware that you will look on a beautiful girl’s images and see something that she is wearing and think to yourself that you would very much like to see her in that outfit, dress etc. in person. If that’s the case, please don’t be afraid to ask us to pass on your requirement to the girl in question. We are here to facilitate the meeting between the two of you, but we are not averse to passing on questions and comments when they’re reasonable and not inappropriate.

No Guarantees!

Sadly, we can’t offer guarantees where this is concerned though. We are dealing with human beings here of course, not dolls that we can physically dress ourselves in order to have them prepared for you. What we guarantee however, is to pass along your request (without fail), so that your chosen escort knows what you would like to see. If when you arrive she hasn’t done as you requested, or she simply didn’t want to, then it’s up to you what you want to do. Either way, we would like to hear about any girl who doesn’t. For example, we have many uniform London escorts that may agree to dress up for you.

This isn’t for any other reason that the fact that if we get another request for a particular outfit etc. we can inform the client who books her that she has a tendency not to listen to these requirements and simply does as she likes. It’s a free country and she can do whatever she wants, but we think it only fair to warn the client about it if this is the case. Then he can choose whether or not to book her based on this knowledge. He will be much less likely to complain to us or anyone else if she lets him down and we told him that she had a habit of doing this. Of course, if a girl continually lets down our clients and becomes a problem, we would have no choice other than to take her off the website.

Tell us what you think

We thrive on hearing feedback about the agency, and not just the London escorts. We want to know if you don’t get through when you call, or if something wasn’t handled in the way you would have expected it to be. In the same way of course as we want to hear about the good experiences you’ve had with our agency. If there’s anything that bugs us more than girls who won’t answer the phone when we have a booking for them, it’s a client who moans and groans about the agency, but never tells us what has happened. If you have something to say, please do say it. This is the only way to keep our service running smoothly for you, ourselves and our girls.

>Share what you think

This is imperative in order to keep London escort services at their very best in this city. We mean this for all agencies and all escorts, not just ours. In much the same was as Amazon or any online retailer, you are granted your say on the agency’s website, and more importantly on independent review websites like: The Erotic Review, Escort Rankings, Punterchat, Punternet and Punterlink etc. We’re sure there are a number of others out there, but you get the idea.


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