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Dealing with unexpected escort meetings

We never met before!

Whilst this is very rare indeed, some of you may have already encountered difficulties like this. If you have, you will appreciate the necessity of having something prepared to get you through the embarrassing meeting. London escorts are always very professional at all times, and they can go along with pretty much whatever you want. However, sometimes it’s not enough to simply trust your escort, you also need to trust yourself.

Today’s article is about those very rare occasions when you may bump into a London escort you may have booked before. Another issue that’s closely linked to this is when you are actually with an outcall escort and you bump into someone else that you may know!

When you see a girl

Let’s deal with one thing at once here. The short answer to this problem is that, if you do happen upon a beautiful young London escort when you’re out and about, leave her well alone. She could be doing one of two things: working or not working! Either way, your attentions will more than likely not be welcomed. But do remember that this certainly is not personal, and there really is no reason to become offended. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how charming you were when you last met, chances are that she won’t remember you.

Also if you consider it the other way around, you wouldn’t really welcome her walking up to you when you’re trying to work would you? Or even if you’re not working and just among friends, how embarrassing would that be? How would you explain why a 6 feet tall blonde Russian is approaching you when you’re having after work cocktails with work colleagues? You’d have a hard job explaining that one away.

What is there to gain?

What could you even need to approach her about anyway? Would you be wanting to tell her how much of a good time you had with her last time you met? You can’t really have that much in common, really can you? She’s more than likely an eastern European escort or a Russian, so culturally you’re worlds apart; and probably years too! The best thing that you could do is just book another girl, it seeing that once again has stirred up some “feelings!”

When you are with a girl

Now we are very aware that many of you love to do dinner dates, or just take your outcall escort for a few drinks. Or perhaps you just have to meet your young lady in the hotel lobby? All of these scenarios poses a risk that you may meet someone you know. It’s never easy when you’re in the company of an escort, but despite the fact that it’s highly unlikely to meet someone you know, it’s better to be prepared. You can do this with a series of stories. Just choose one that you like and one you will be most comfortable with lying about. If you book escorts on a regular occasion, depending on familial status, you’ll already be very good at it. There are clients who have kept this secret for decades; so you see, it’s entirely possible. Let’s examine a few possibilities. You’ll have to forgive us if some of them seem highly improbably, but different things apply to different people.

Hotel problems

Arguably one of the worst to deal with. You and your escort are in the lobby of your hotel. This is by far the most awkward, because you’re in a hotel. Think about what you do for a living and try to weave that into the unexpected meeting. “This is Andrea, and she works for [mention another company you perhaps do business with, or a consultant you can invent], or “we’re just running out to dinner, can’t talk right now. We must catch up soon,” etc.

Remember that it’s all in the details. It’s all in the confidence too. If you can be confident with your story, you will inspire your chosen escort to go along with it too. To be fair, the girls don’t very often come up against this sort of problem very often at all. If you are out and about you can always pretend you have just met the girl you are with, and even ask her name “again” to authenticate your story. Don’t leave her though. Don’t ever do that, just make your excuse to move away from the person who spotted you.

This is London – it’s rare

As we mentioned earlier though, this is London, and it’s pretty rare that things like this will be happening. When it comes to dinner dates, there are a hundreds of reasons to have a business dinner or lunch! Company representatives, prospective clients, lawyers etc. Pick one! Remember, if you ever do meet someone, you’re not doing anything wrong anyway. Keep this firmly in mind and don’t ever offer explanations unless you really need to. When you start to do this, it actually makes you look guilty of something!


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