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Escort Etiquette 2 - Meeting London Escort Girls

In this second instalment of our series on escort etiquette, we'll look at the best way to go about meeting London escorts and ensuring that you, as a client, enjoy a smooth transition into your date. We'll look at the different details of incall and outcall dates in a moment, but first it's probably a good idea to make a few general points about how to get things off to a good start. A golden rule is this: first impressions count. The chances are you will be a little nervous if you are new to the whole business of dealing with London escorts and escort agencies - even seasoned and experienced clients get a bit excited and edgy on meeting London escorts, especially if they have never come across one of the most beautiful women in London before. The same is true of cute London callgirls themselves: meeting clients can be a nerve-racking business, especially if she’s a young escort. In this atmosphere of heightened sensitivities, everyone is more attuned to first impressions. If the cute London callgirl you have booked is given a good first impression of you in the initial seconds and minutes of your meeting, she is more likely to relax quickly and work hard to make sure you have a really good time right from the start of your date. Obviously, the first thing when meeting London escorts is to make sure that you're neat and that you've had a shower as recently as possible - though, obviously, if you're visiting your chosen young escort at her incall flat and you've just had to travel through London, you might not be perfectly fresh (she'll understand!). Equally, it's a good idea to be friendly and chatty, and basically as relaxed as you can. It's a cute London callgirls job to put you at ease, but she'll find that a whole lot easier - and be better at it - if you seem to be a relaxed, friendly and cool guy to start with. If you're nervous, say so! There's no shame in it, especially as you'll be dealing with one of the most beautiful women in London. Young escorts in London are very good at handling clients who are having a few nerves at the start of incall or outcall dates. Very soon you'll find that meeting London escorts can be both relaxing and of course, fantastic fun! Don't miss part 3 which explores paying London escorts!


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