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Escort Etiquette 1 - Tips for Dealing with the Escort Agency

Etiquette is a thorny issue in most walks of life, and it always pays to know a little about how to behave in certain circumstances in order to avoid difficulty and embarrassment. Although the world of escorting is traditionally a very relaxed environment, we thought it would still be useful to offer you a few short articles on the accepted ways of dealing with sexy London escorts. In this first article we're going to look at your initial dealings with the London escort agency you have chosen. When you're initially contacting a London escort agency, the first thing you need to remember is that they are tremendously busy operations. Not only are the top UK escort agencies very much in demand to organise outcall and incall appointments, they also get an unfortunate number of calls from strange people who simply seem to enjoy phoning escort agencies, and have no intention of booking a blonde, brunette or redhead callgirl - or perhaps are too nervous. As you don't fall into this category, on some occasions you may have to wait a little while to get through - don't worry though, as it's worth the effort. When you speak to the agency you'll find that you don't deal with the elite girls directly, but rather with a receptionist. Escort agency receptionists are usually tremendously knowledgeable and useful people, so it's important to treat them well. The receptionist will be able to tell you whether or not the sexy London escort girl or girls you like is available on the date you wish to book her, and, if she isn't, which other elite girls are available to match your taste. At this point, you may wish to return to the escort agency website and check out the portfolio pictures of the available girls to make your decision. Receptionists are also very good at making recommendations. So if you can't decide exactly which sexy London escort to choose from a London escort agency's website, don't be afraid to ask for help! Bear in mind, however, that the escort agency only represents the girls pictured on its website: the agency handles bookings on the basis of time and companionship only, and cannot answer questions about other services a particular elite girl offers. There are several reasons for this, but one of the main ones is that the escort agency simply won't know what any particular girl they represent likes to do with her clients, though a good idea can be gained from the description she asks to be displayed on her profile page. So it's important to remember that if you ask the agency for information about this sort of thing, you will get a polite refusal. It is poor etiquette to argue and a bad idea in general: you don't want to get a reputation as an awkward customer! At the initial contact stage, assuming you have chosen a sexy London escort (or bisexual escorts) and she is available, the escort agency will also make arrangements about the location of the meeting. If you wish to see the elite girl in question on an incall basis, you will be provided with the details of the incall apartment. If you would like the sexy young London escort to come and visit your home or hotel, the receptionist will ask for full details, including a contact phone number. There are two reasons your phone number is being asked for: the first is so the escort agency can contact you in the event that your escort will be delayed or there is another problem. The second is for reasons of the sexy London escort’s safety and security. Again, if you refuse to give a contact number your booking will not be taken. Finally, bear in mind that a girl who is available in a particular time slot for incalls might not be available for outcalls, and vice versa. This sort of problem is most likely to occur if you are booking a London escort girl for an outcall appointment a considerable distance from her usual operating area. If you want your chosen elite girl to travel some distance, be sure to call her escort agency well in advance so preparations can be made.


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