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Reaching your Central London Escort Girl - London Buses

In the old days, getting around London to a central London escort was a piece of cake: you just hopped on a bus, grabbed the taxi or the Tube, and away you went. These days it's not quite as simple as that. If you're in a hurry to visit the incall flat of your escort girlfriend, you might well find that London public transport is making your job more difficult. Taxis are expensive and never around when you need them, the Tube is often packed and uncomfortable. Buses tend to be the same - and what's more, they've started getting more expensive. London's buses have really changed over the past few years. The old red buses - which, over their lifetimes, have taken many a distinguished client to an incall our outcall date organised by an exclusive London escort agency - have now been almost completely phased out. Although they remain a symbol of London, they were getting old and in no way met modern environmental regulations. If you're thinking of catching a modern London bus on your way to meet a central London escort, you'll find that it will probably still be red. It might not, however, be a double-decker. This is a shame, because the top decks of buses were great places from which to look down on the sexy central London escorts, especially during the summer when they're all wandering around in low-cut tops. To the uninitiated, London buses can be just a touch confusing, so it's worth planning your journey before you set out to your escort girlfriend. If, for example, you're travelling from a Mayfair or Park Lane hotel to see a central London escort in Marylebone, Kensington or Chelsea, there's a good chance that you might have to make a change. Study the timetables carefully and before long you should be approaching the incall flat of the escort girlfriend you’ve booked from your exclusive London escort agency. Fail to study the timetable and you'll probably find yourself approaching Tilbury, where there are very central London escorts and the only thing to do on a Saturday night is collect the serial numbers of shipping containers. Of course, London buses aren’t the only way to get to your escort girlfriend. Alternatively, you can always reach girls from our London escort agency by taxi or by car.


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