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Escort Etiquette 3 - Paying London Escorts

This article concludes a 3 part series on escort etiquette and covers the topic of paying London escorts. The next stage of dealing with your horny escort in London can be particularly tricky in etiquette terms - handing over her fee. Paying an escort needn’t be particularly embarrassing or difficult, so long as you remember that the financial transaction is an important part of your date with the cute callgirl, but not the whole reason for it. Very few truly high-class London escorts are in the business for the money: rather, they just love to have fun with a range of sexy guys. The business of paying the escort you have decided to meet is actually very easy. Make sure you have the right amount of cash, and put it in a plain envelope. If your cute callgirl is visiting you, leave the envelope in a clear position on a table or desk in your hotel room or house, and gently indicate to her where it is a few moments after she has arrived and you have got over the initial introductions and pleasantries. If you are visiting the horny escort in London at her incall apartment, simply give her the envelope or put it down somewhere she can see it. Don't be offended if your high-class London escort counts the money. If you're a relatively new customer she will always do it, and she may do so even if you've seen her dozens of times, just for the sake of openness. Unfortunately, there are some guys out there who will try to avoid paying escorts the full amount - and you don't want to get a reputation as one of those, even by accident! Don't be embarrassed to watch her count, either: that way both of you know that everything is sorted out, and you can get on with your incall or outcall date. One situation that sometimes arises is that you feel like an extension of time. This isn't at all uncommon: a client will be having such a great time in his cute callgirls incall flat that he asks if he can spend an extra hour with her. If the high-class London escort has time, she will usually agree. In this situation you need to make sure you have the required extra cash on you, and you should break off proceedings - no matter how difficult that might be - to hand it over right away. Again, the watchword is transparency: if you're open and honest with your horny escort in London you'll have no problems at all, and you'll be able to get on with the main business of your incall or outcall date - having fun!


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