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Boutique fitness: Keeping in shape for those escort girls!

We have no idea at all what a “boutique gym” is to be honest, but we do know what our London escorts tell us about the gyms around where they like to spend time. We imagine that they’re some form of fashionable, and more than likely overpriced, gyms. Just the word “boutique” winds us up to be honest. It seems everything can be boutique. Perhaps we should call ourselves a “boutique escort agency!” Anyway, the thing with these gyms is that they have now gone utterly mad, whatever they are, and they’re literally all over London. But we have taken advice from some of the girls, and even some guys we know, in order to give you your very own mini guide to the places we think are the best. Who knows, you might even bump into one of those hot little Russian escorts we keep getting so many of these days! Classes Apparently, it’s mostly about the classes, so we’re told. The girls like to do things like spin classes etc. (you know, the ones on the bikes that go nowhere!) We actually agree with some of these to be honest, and we’ve even hit the occasional spin class. Our favourites however are the HIIT sessions that you can get practically all over. These are great because you can do them at home (and some of our escorts do this too), but the trouble is that you can quickly lack the discipline to keep them up if you have to motivate yourself. There’s nothing like having someone shouting out what you have to do, and twenty or so other people doing it too. No-one wants to be the one who can’t keep up do they? Like lunges? If you like lunges to get your butt in shape, you’ll like this class. This one is at Haggerston Park, and it’s very popular. We’re sure that lunges are practiced in all classes of course, especially HITT sessions, but this is a lot of fun. It’s called “Lunges in Leggings,” although we’re not quite sure how compulsory the leggings are! Obviously the young escorts we represent are literally all wearing leggings when they go to this class, but you might not look as good in a pair. The best thing about it is that it’s in a park, a natural environment. And on a nice day, there’s nothing better than doing this class with a bunch of like-minded individuals (especially the sexy ladies of course!) Anyway, we’ve heard rave reviews about it, so you’ll have to find out for yourself by booking a session. Let us know how you get on! Spin, spin, spin! You can’t very well talk about gym classes and not mention spinning really can you? We already mentioned it briefly, but if you’re looking for a class that’s a little different from the rest, try out “Eco-Spinning” in Shepard’s Bush at Terra Hale. Not sure if you know much about Terra Hale, but it’s actually the first of its kind in London. It’s what they like to call a “human-powered” gym, where all the energy you use is converted into power! That’s right, you actually generate the power for the gym, but don’t ask for a reduction for this, because you may not get the answer you’re looking for! Yoga and HIIT together? Well, from what we’ve been told by our girls, particularly those slim Russian escorts we have at the agency, HIIT actually incorporates quite a lot of yoga anyway. Perhaps you already know this? Another Space, over in Bank offer loads of different classes on a pay to workout type of basis. You don’t have to be a member or anything like that, which seems to be the way things are going these days. We think it’s a good thing too. You pay for what you do, in much the same way as you pay for what you use on a mobile contract etc. And another thing they that might interest you, and it certainly interests our escorts, is that they have guest fitness trainers going in and out for various specialist classes. Some of these guys are at the top of their game apparently and really rather famous. Mix it up and have some fun You see, working out doesn’t have to be a bind. You can have some fun, and you can also travel around a little and see some new places. Nothing better than looking at a fresh ass on the bike in front of you when you change spin class is there? And who knows, you may spot one or two fit young London escorts on your travels. Just don’t bother them if you see them will you? Book them instead!


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