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What a woman notices first

Now this isn’t really an article that’s necessarily connecting with escorts in any way, but it is certainly a major help with women. And this is something we know quite a lot about. When you’ve ran an escort agency in London for as long as we have, you do tend to learn a few things about what women look for in a man. And we can certainly tell you what they look for first. So the next time you meet a woman you’re interested (not a London escort), you can be ready for her and she’s likely to be impressed. Read on… Why not escorts? Well, it’s not like escorts don’t have first impressions of the men they meet, of course they do. It’s just that it doesn’t affect them in the same way you see. When it comes to an escort, she knows that she is committed to spending the next hour or so (or however long you have booked) with their client, so she’s not going to let anything get in the way of that. As we said earlier, this article pertains mostly to making a good impression with regular women. Not that you shouldn’t take some of what we tell you and apply it to your London escort meets of course. There’s nothing wrong with trying to impress one of the girls at Angels of London, and we are positive that they appreciate any and all efforts made by their clients. What you don’t have to be This is often helpful. If you want to impress a woman (or indeed a London escort), the best thing you can do is not pretend to be something you’re not to start with. So, don’t pretend to be fabulously wealthy, and don’t try too hard to be funny etc. You won’t be funny if you’re trying to be funny, it’s a simple fact! Also, you have to remember that if you want to attract a woman or impress them in some way, you don’t have to be incredibly good looking either. Women aren’t so much about looks as men are, but it’s amazing how many men continue not to grasp this concept and spend a fortune trying to look like someone else! Pay particular attention to the following
  • Your face. Your face is clearly the first thing they will notice about you. Arguably the most important and the most noticed part of this is your overall appearance. We’re talking about grooming habits here. Make sure that if you have a beard, it’s well trimmed. If you have stubble, you have defined lines and it’s not just a mess.
  • A smile is very important, and you want to show her how much you like her right? Well, make sure your teeth are clean. There’s nothing worse than seeing a pair of badly stained teeth grinning at you. Get some whitening treatments done, see your dentist more often and stop drinking so much wine and coffee etc.
  • Your clothes. This isn’t as important as you think, but there is some psychology at work here. Women are often attracted to security and stability, even if they don’t know it themselves. So dressing more mature is a definite yes in this department. It might be time to trade in the jeans, t-shirt and trainers for a pair of trousers, a shirt (tucked in) and a nice blazer. Think about it!
  • Your shoes. It may seem like an unlikely one we know, but this is something that our more stylish London escorts have actually pointed out. A man with nice shoes is usually a nice person. If he’s proud of his appearance, he’ll pay attention to his shoes. And women really go in for all this sort of thing.
  • Your smell. Make sure you smell nice. We’re talking about aftershave here. Don’t overdo it, but do get an expensive scent. Let’s face it, cheaper scents are just so… well, cheap!
The second impression All that is your first impression for goodness sake. You see how complicated women really are? You then need to work on the way you speak, the way you act, and everything else. The next thing they’re looking for is confidence, language and articulacy. A woman likes an articulate, educated man, who is confident and able to handle himself in any  given social situation. Again, she wants a man to be the man! This is true regardless of their feminist principals too guys, just so you know. They may talk a good game, but historically a man being a real man is a real sexual stimulant, and the reason the human race has survived this long! Book a London escort today!


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