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Establishing a rapport with your chosen escort

It’s not hard to choose one of our escorts we realise. Hell, the majority of you that read our Gentlemen’s Guide have already booked with us before, so we’re talking to you primarily today. They’re all beautiful, and they’re all willing to meet with you for a price. This is what they all share. But they won’t all be the type of girl you want to see again and again. And only by seeing a girl frequently will you be able to build a good rapport with them. It’s not that most of the girls you see won’t be good enough of course. This much you have to understand. This is not what we’re saying at all. You will have a marvellous time with all of them, we have no doubt, but girls are like anything else in this world, they don’t have the same appeal to every man. Every warm-blooded male that looks at the escorts on our website will find them attractive, but some will find them more attractive than others. Some clients will find the personality of a particular girl, simply more appealing than perhaps another client will. It may be the way one girl dresses, or the way they talk that appeals to one client more than another. Either way, they’re all different. Suffice to say you need to try as many as possible!

Why build a rapport at all?

Well, here’s the thing. It should really be pretty obvious, but we’ll point it out anyway. If you find a girl that you really like, one that you’d like to see again, the more you see her, the more you’ll get to know her. Simple really isn’t it? The hard part is stopping yourself from seeing all the others! You can of course still see the rest of our London escorts, even if you’re trying to establish a more concrete thing with one in particular, but not everyone has that kind of budget do they. So you will appreciate that it’s going to take a pretty special girl to start something like this off. But the beauty of it is, once you get to know her, it gets better and better each time you meet. This is because she’ll get to know you too. She will lean exactly which buttons to press, and what you love the most about her and what she does. She’ll perhaps even know your name, or personal things about you. You may share your troubles and woes with her and she may lend an understanding ear. In short it can become much less of an experience, and much more of a relationship somewhat, for want of a better word.

The rewards will speak for themselves

We are sure you can guess just how valuable this will be to some of you. Having a woman that truly understands you, and one that you can really let yourself go with, is invaluable to say the least. She could possibly be like a real partner, but one that won’t drive you mad. And even if she did, you could just not book her again and move on, couldn’t you? If you have a regular girl, you will almost certainly feel more comfortable around her. You will be able to explore so much more with her. When you go out to dinner, it will become more and more as though you really are partners and seeing each other for real. You will learn what she likes to do, what she likes to eat and drink, and the places she likes to go. You’ll be able to buy her gifts that actually mean something to her, and not just random trinkets and baubles to make yourself feel good.

She won’t stop working!

This is a very important point to make. Just because she becomes your regular “go to” girl, and you have developed a genuine bond with her, it does not mean that you will be able to demand precedence on bookings. Not with us, and certainly not with her. She may well have a few special relationships with her clients, and you need to accept this as a given. London escorts at this point in their career (when they’re living and working in London), are very adept at having multiple relationships and they love every minute of it. It does not for a moment mean that you mean any less to them, just because they have others. She is a professional and she needs to live and work. And don’t worry, if you invest time and money into developing this thing, she will certainly remember you and really appreciate your efforts.

Please don’t disrespect the sanctity of the agency – escort business relationship

Whilst we would encourage you to try this out at least a few times with a girl or two, we would be quick to ask you a favour. We would very much appreciate it if you didn’t proposition your chosen escort to meet you outside the booking security of the agency. It’s a little disrespectful to say the least to go behind our backs. We wouldn’t expect our girls to do it, but temptation is a mighty thing these days and we’re sure there are girls that do this when they’re petitioned by particularly persuasive clients. Not to mention of course, if you give out your contact information, she’s just as able to reach you when she wants as well. So it’s not just a question of taking money from our pockets in the form of commission from the bookings, it’s also your own privacy that you’re denying. And you can never know someone that well can you? Really?


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