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Romanian escorts: Are they a problem?

Let’s begin with a short answer, and then go on to explain in more detail. Our answer to this would be a very certain “no, they’re not a problem”. Not in any way, shape or form. Romanian escorts have been a massive and valued part of the London escort community for many years, and they will continue to be as long as they keep coming over.

Why do they get such a bad reputation?

Well, to begin with, let’s assume that some of you aren’t aware of this. If you’re new to this hobby, then you may not be aware that there ever was a problem. In fact, in out minds, there never was. It’s just that within our very closed community of escorts and hobbyists, in the past there have been a few bad Romanian girls. The trouble is though, we know for a fact that there have been problems with girls from other nationalities. This includes British escorts too of course, it’s just that other girls don’t tend to get complained about on forums etc. Why they get such a bad reputation is the fact that there are so many of them. Think about it like this. You have 100 Brazilian London escorts, and you have 1000 Romanian escorts. You’re bound to get more people having a problem with the Romanian girls, because they’re getting booked more often. And the reason they’re getting booked more often is because there are simply more of them.

Give a dog a bad name

Another reason is that Romania is typically quite a poor country. In the past this has caused some Romanians to do whatever they can to make money. They have begged, borrowed and stole from anyone that they can over the many years in which they have struggled. We don’t want to get political about anything at all of course. But facts are facts. Romanians are relatively poor. Unfortunately the stigma of the thieving Romanian “gypsy” has become so engrained in our own culture here in the UK, that it has left people untrusting and in some cases just plain racist. Denying their own nationality When bad reputations attach themselves onto subsequent generations of Romanian girls, we get a bigger problem. This is a problem for the girls, for the agencies and for you too. You see, if you were a Romanian escort in London, and you had all this baggage hanging around your neck, would you be quick to tell everyone you were from Romania? Or would you perhaps tell people you were from Italy? You see, we understand why these girls will tell the agencies and their clients that they’re from Italy, but we think it’s a dreadful shame when a person has to deny where they’re actually from; just because of a few bad apples in the barrel, so to speak. They choose Italy of course, simply because of the similar appearance and the similarities in language. And Italian girls don’t have the same unjust reputation that Romanians have. The Romanian escorts at Angels of London So, you see, you may well see that sometimes it says “eastern European,” but this is because the girls themselves choose to have us write that. This isn’t our decision, although it does make it easier for us to have fewer categories of course. They do it because then no one can just assume they’re from Romania. The young Romanian London escorts we have working with us at Angels are all very good indeed. They are always very beautiful, that much everyone can agree on, but they’re much more than this these days. They’re bright, very intelligent and they mostly all speak very good English (at least those that have been able to stay in school). The time of the “Romanian gypsy” has well and truly passed. We’re not saying that you won’t get the occasional “bad apple,” but you’ll get this from any nationality gentlemen. You only need check the reviews! And if you are concerned about their performance as London escorts, all you have to do is check out the reviews on the individual girls’ profiles. You may have heard bad feedback somewhere, and you may believe that Romanian girls don’t care about their clients etc. but it’s all nonsense. Whenever we read something like that (which isn’t often to be fair), we always know that it was probably the client who managed to sufficiently piss the escort off, thus resulting in a poor experience! And if you don’t believe the reviews on our website, there are always the independent websites out there to read reviews on. The Erotic Review, Captain 69 and Punternet all have very good reviews for our girls, and we have a good reputation with the members of these online communities. Don’t give up on European escorts – go and browse some today!


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