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Sexy Mrs Santa for Chelsea bachelor - Part 1

It was the week before Christmas and also the first month that I would spend in my new apartment in Chelsea. I’d moved there to start a new job and I hadn’t met many people yet, the thought of spending the Christmas period alone daunted me so I found myself looking for the perfect little escort to give me a Christmas treat that I would never forget. After a few days of searching I finally came across the most stunning lady I had ever seen. She was a Russian goddess; her hair was long and blonde, and her bright blue eyes were sultry and innoncent all at the same time. She looked like a supermodel and best of all was that she specialised in uniform role play; thoughts of her in a sexy little outfit flitted across my mind and when the day of her arrival came, I couldn’t contain my excitement. At 7pm I heard a light knock at my door, I knew it was my sexy escort and I couldn’t wait to meet her in person. When I saw her my jaw nearly hit the floor, she was dressed in a sexy little Santa outfit. I opened the door wider and allowed her into my apartment, I watched as walked through to my living room. Her body was sensational, her perky breasts were pushed together, and she wore a skimpy little red Santa skirt complete with fishnet stockings and sexy little black boots. I instantly wanted to fuck my Mrs Santa and I didn’t have long to wait to see what presents she was going to give me. Alisha walked towards me and almost instantaneously placed her sexy red lips on mine. Before I knew it, we were French kissing in the middle of my living room. Her smooth hands were caressing my body and I felt her un-doing the buttons of my shirt. Her hands touched the skin on my chest, and I felt my dick harden in my trousers. Her kiss deepened and I heard sweet little moans escaping her mouth. I couldn’t resist feeling her sexy curves, her body felt so good under my hands, she had the perfect hourglass figure and I was desperate for her to sit on top of me in her little Santa suit and fuck me. Alisha was sensual and charming; I couldn’t resist her sweet sensuality and her incredible body. I glanced over to the rug that lay in front of the log burning fire. The room was warm and cosy, the heat of the fire only enlightening my passion for the sexy Russian goddess that stood before me. Alisha noticed my glance and took my hand. She led me over the soft rug and told me to lay down on it. I did as I was told and lay on the floor in front of the fire. The heat from the fire and the sight of this sexy blonde in her little skimpy outfit was the best Christmas present I ever could have asked for. Alisha came to sit on top of me, spreading he legs either side of my waist as she continued to undo the buttons on my shirt. She sexily lowered her head to my bare chest and started to place sweet kisses all over me, she was so passionate and alluring, I couldn’t believe my luck. She was teasing me, not just heading straight for sex but she was commanding my body and I was loving every single second of her sweet seduction. Alisha made her way to my belt and made fast work of freeing me of my trousers. My dick shot out, it was solid and hard, and I nearly came in her mouth as soon as her sexy lips touched me. She had expert lips and a skilful tongue. She wrapped her mouth around my cock, I looked down at her and she looked up into my eyes as she deep throated my penis. She started slowly, sensually caressing my penis with her tongue, kissing it and licking it. She became a bit more forceful, grabbing onto my cock with her hands as her tongue started to quickly flitter up and down my cock. She was covering my dick in her saliva and her tongue casually grazed over my balls every now and again before moving down to my arse hole and licking that too. She was so unreserved and primal, she was experimental. Her playful little tongue darted in and out of my arse, sending me into a frenzy like I had never felt before. I was surprised when she placed a finger in my arse and started to move it, it felt wrong at first, like it should be forbidden but she was so sexy I didn’t care. It felt amazing, her tongue continued to lick and suck on my dick and balls as her finger prodded my backside. The sensation was impeccable, I had never felt anything like it. This naughty little Santa was bringing out a side of me that I had never seen before. I felt myself about to cum, my dick bulged, hardening from the sexy slaughter of her mouth and her fingers. She was sucking up and down my cock like a lollipop and her sexy blue eyes stared up at me with a wicked glint. She knew what she was doing, she knew I was going to explode all over her. Before I could cum, she stopped. I nearly screamed in frustration until she climbed up my body and came to sit on top of me. She raised her sweet little pussy over my dick and slid herself down on top of me. Her pussy felt like a little piece of heaven. She was so tight and so succulent and the way she looked down at me was going to make me spunk inside her. She started fucking me slowly, she was teasing me. Her hands caressed her body as she rocked herself back and forth on top of my dick. I watched from below, mesmerised by her beauty as she slipped her perky breasts out of her little Santa top. Her nipples were the perfect shade of pink, her breasts were full and beautiful and when she lowered her breasts to my lips, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I teased her pretty nipples between my teeth, moans escaped her lips as I started to devour her sweet tits. She sat back up and started to bounce a little harder, her breasts bounced as she started to ride me faster and harder. She looked down at me with a wicked smile across her sexy lips. I grabbed onto her curvaceous hips and started to drill her back with my cock. We were in perfect unison, fucking each other with hot passion and fire. It was the most incredible sensation of my entire life and the log fire and the rug only heightened the experience, making it even more pleasurable. I couldn’t have imagined making love to a hotter female. She was perfect, her incredible body, her sensual attitude and her sexy as fuck little Santa suit. I knew I was going to cum deep inside her tight little pussy. Almost as though she could tell she looked down into my eyes and whispered, “cum inside me Jack, cum inside my tight little pussy as I orgasm on your cock”. Her sultry words tipped me over the edge, her sexy Russian accent was my un-doing and I couldn’t control myself any longer. I felt myself releasing inside her, my hot spunk filling every single inch of her juicy little pussy. I groaned loudly as I filled her, and the sound of her orgasm filled the room. She looked majestic as she sat on top of my cock coming all over me. Her body spasmed as she let go and as she lost control. Finally, she let out a massive groan and collapsed on top of my chest. She was the best Christmas present I had ever received, not only was she sexy as fuck, but she was sensual and charming too. She was definitely one gift to myself that I would be keeping for life and not just for Christmas.


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