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Chelsea escort gets some special anal attention in her secretary role playing adventures

It was the morning that my escort was due to arrive, I’d hired an escort in the past but never like the one I had hired for today. She was going to be here any minute and my cock was already twitching in my pants thinking about all the filthy things we might get up to. I heard a knock at the door, as I answered she greeted me by my surname, and I opened the door and welcomed her to enter. I offered to take her coat, she was wearing a full-length beige anorak and I couldn’t wait to take it off and get a better glimpse at her incredible body, I had images of her photographs running through my mind and I couldn’t wait to see my Chelsea escorts sexy curves in real life. Filina allowed me to help her take her coat off and as she handed it to me, I got my first proper glimpse of her immaculate naked body. She must have walked here completely naked; I couldn’t believe she was stood in my hallway nude. Her hair had a full fringe and was cut into a sharp bob, and she wore sexy spectacles on her sexy face but best of all on her feet she wore the sexiest high heels I had ever seen. They were black and the heel was extremely high which made her already incredible legs look even longer. “Why don’t you show me the way to your office”, she said as she walked ahead of me. I watched her cute little ass as she walked ahead of me, her figure was slender and toned and her breasts were large and juicy. She had one of the sexiest figures I’d ever seen on a woman and I couldn’t wait to watch her getting to work in my office. As we entered my office, I locked the door behind us and offered her a seat opposite my desk. She sat down elegantly, her stunning naked body staring back at me as she crossed her leg sexily over her other one. “Where would you like me to begin”, she questioned. I immediately showed her the filing and paperwork that I needed doing, my desk was stacked full of work that needed to be organised. Before I had chance to continue Filina swept her hand across my desk, throwing the piles of work to the floor. As soon as she had finished, she sat on top of my desk and spread her long legs wide open. I had the perfect view of her neatly shaven pussy and my heart was pounding with lust. “Take my pussy sir”, she moaned. I approached and immediately knelt before her, placing my head straight between her thighs and sticking my wet tongue straight up into her tight little hole. She grabbed onto my head as I devoured her sweet juices and her moans filled my office. I should have been annoyed that she had thrown all the paperwork to the floor, but I was so full of hot passion and lust for her that I couldn’t have cared less. Once I had finished with her pussy, I spun her around and bent her over my office desk, stretching her arms out to the far corners of it. I undid my tie and used it to tie her arms to the desk so that she was unable to move the upper half of her body. She was bound to my desk, completely helpless and restrained and I couldn’t wait to bury my massive cock in her arse. I grabbed a tub of lube from a draw and spread it all over her sexy arse cheeks, poking it inside her tight little rear with my fingers. Her arse was plump and juicy, I slapped it hard and my dick hardened as I listened to her squeal. I slapped her once more, hard and sharp. Her peachy arse turned red, just the colour I liked and at that I slammed my rock-hard cock straight into her tight little arse hole. She felt heavenly, so deep and forbidden, her arms were tied, she couldn’t help but be taken up the arse by me. Her moans and gasps filled the room. “Oh yes”, she yelled out. Her yells spurred me on, I hammered my cock harder and deeper into her perfect little arse, feeling every single inch of it with my massive cock. “Slam that dick into me sir”, she begged. I did as she asked and fucked her harder than she’d ever been fucked in her life. I knew I was about to cum deep inside her arsehole. I felt myself getting closer and closer to the edge, the tightness of her sweet rim gripping my dick as I fucked her. I let out a massive groan as I released my spunk deep inside her, I could feel my body convulsing from the pleasure of my orgasm. Filling a tiny little arse up with my cum had always been one of my filthy fantasies and now it had come to life with very horny Chelsea escort!


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