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A stunning Mayfair escort satisfies married businessman - Part 1

Work were sending me off on a business trip for a couple of days. I’d be travelling to Mayfair in London and then staying in a hotel that would be paid for by the company. During the daytime I would have work commitments, but my evenings were completely free. The journey to the hotel was hassle-free, and the hotel was far more luxurious than I ever would have imagined. The first day went well, full of meetings and so forth, and I finished the off the day with a meal back at the hotel. Once I was back in the hotel room, I slipped into the white complementary robe and found myself twiddling my thumbs. I thought about going to explore the neighbourhood, but what I really had in mind was far more adventurous and far naughtier than it should have been. I knew my wife was back home, but I could resist the urge, I found my laptop and began searching. I’d never been with an escort before, this was my first business trip away and probably the only chance I would ever get to fulfil my fantasies. I knew once I was back up North and back at home with the wife, I would never be able to pull something like this off. I scoured the internet; it didn’t take me very long until I found the most beautiful Mayfair escort. She was local to the area and it said she was available that very evening. I couldn’t believe my luck and I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. Her name was Avery, she was the sexiest blonde I had ever laid eyes on. She looked refined and innoncent and her bio said she was 5ft 8 which meant she would be tall. I loved tall girls, I was defiantly a legs man and the thought of her wrapping her sexy thighs around me in a sexy pair of heels was driving me wild with lust. Within minutes I was on the phone to the agency, I was amazed when they told me that Avery would be with me within the next hour. My dick hardened at the thought and I quickly hopped into the shower. Nearly 45 minutes has passed, I was getting nervous but then my phone called. I answered. It was Avery, she was downstairs in the hotel bar. I told her I would be with her shortly and started to make my way towards the lift. Her voice was as sexy as her pictures. She had a delicious European accent that sent shivers of lust through my entire body. It seemed like the lift ride took forever, I was dying to meet my escort. Finally, I reached the hotel bar. I searched around for Avery; my eyes scoured the room until they landed on the back of a slender female. She was sat propped at the bar; I could only see the back of her body. Her long buttercream hair ran down her back in loose elegant waves and she was wearing a black dress. As though she felt my presence her head turned around. Her face was absolutely stunning, and her blue eyes stared into mine from across the bar. She smiled a dazzling smile at me, and I thought I was going to faint from pleasure. Avery stood to greet me; I was surprised when she immediately hugged me. She smelt incredible and when I got a proper glimpse at her whole attire, I couldn’t believe my luck. She was drop dead gorgeous. Her black dress hugged her sexy hourglass figure. It was cut off just above her knees and her long legs were sun-kissed and stunning. Her breasts were small and perky, and I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra because her hard nipples poked out of the silk fabric of her garment in an elegant fashion. She looked like a supermodel and I couldn’t wait to take her to the hotel room. We took the lift back to the room, the air in the lift was electric, there was an immediate attraction between us, and we looked at each other with nothing but lust in our eyes. Once we were back in the room, I told her to make herself at home. I wanted her to feel comfortable and relaxed, so I offered her a drink from the mini bar. She opted for a glass of wine and I was happy that she seemed so relaxed in my company.


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