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Real duo London escorts and no nonsense!

What is all this we keep hearing about London escort duos that aren’t really bisexual? Why anyone would want to book two girls and ask them to pretend to be into each other is beyond us. Perhaps it works for some people, but in our opinion, if you’re going to book duo London escorts, isn’t it always better to have them both bisexual? At the end of the day, people aren’t stupid, they can tell straight away if someone is into something or not.

Why do they do it?

Why do they do it? Well, this answer is more obvious than you think. Girls (and agencies) claim to be genuinely bisexual in order to get more opportunities. Basically, if they get someone looking for a real bisexual duo London escort booking, they would much rather pretend that they are, than lose the booking. It’s terrible really when you think about it, and an absolute waste of the client’s money and time. It’s more than likely that the client has booked a genuine bi couple because he knows what genuinely bi couples are like! Duh! It’s not rocket science, and we’re not idiots. You can appreciate whey they do it I’m sure, but it doesn’t help us agencies one bit! When a girl doesn’t fulfil on her promise, it’s quite often the agency that gets held in disrepute. Believe us when we tell you that some agencies deserve this, because they know and actively encourage their girls to do this sort of thing, but as far as we’re concerned, that’s the furthest thing from our minds.

We go with what they tell us

We always go with what they tell us, because we can’t very well verify it otherwise can we? Unless we insist upon being present whilst her and her partner goes at it in truly passionate style, as lovely as that would be, we can’t really do it can we? However, we are not without our reputation as being a good agency. So if we get a report back that these girls (any of them) are not what they are pretending to be, we will gladly remove them from the website and cease sending them bookings. There are always plenty more girls looking to make a fortune in this business. When you are an agency as successful as Angels of London, you don’t worry about the applications coming in!

Newcomers to the London escort duo business

If you have never booked a duo experience before, we would heartily suggest it to you. It’s really something very special indeed. And considering some of the girls are only charging the same as a sole booking from another girl, it has to be worth the try doesn’t it? Especially if they’re genuinely bisexual, which they are on Angels of London. When you are in the company of two beautiful young ladies, who are clearly attracted to one another, there is no feeling like it. And they are also both there to entertain you too. And believe us when we tell you that they are very aware just how much entertainment value you’re already getting, just having the two of them present. They will really “amplify” their desire of each other we’re sure.

Don’t worry

If you’ve never booked a duo before, it’s essential you get a genuine couple. Then you won’t have to worry about a thing. If you get two girls pretending to like each other, they’re going to feel just as awkward as you probably are, having never booked a duo before. You don’t need that sort of aggravation in your life believe us! The girls we have at Angels are all very experienced and professional London escort duos, and they are more than happy to see you anytime you like.


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