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Escort services: Here’s what we know

We are certain you have read plenty about escort services if you’re a hobbyist. It kind of goes with the hobby doesn’t it? You all want to do specific things with your escorts etc. and we get that. We get that, but we don’t want to know about those things, that’s what we want to say about that. Whatever you and your escort get up to, is entirely between the two of you (or more perhaps!) We are sure you’ve heard this before, so we apologise in advance. As a London escort agency, we operate as an introduction only business. We do not make false promises or claims when it comes to the girls, simply because we have no idea what they get up to. And here’s the most important thing you need to be aware of. If you think that a girl is going to be alright with doing particular things with you, whether you’re paying her extra or not, does not necessarily mean that these things will happen. You’re paying for the company of a human being after all, not a robot.

Our role

So, we have explained our role in brief, but let’s take a closer look. An agency gets paid to give jobs to an escort who advertises with them. So, we’re getting paid for each booking. It’s for this reason that we write whatever the girls tell us to write on their profiles. They’re the boss in this situation. If we don’t represent them in the way that they want, they’ll just get others to do it for them. The problem with this position we find ourselves in, is that we do this for the girls, so they list with us, but then we have to hope that the clients are happy too. If a client books a girl based on the services etc. advertised on her profile, and he doesn’t get what he wants, he turns to us for an explanation. This puts us in a very difficult situation. We have to closely evaluate the situation to discern the right course of action.

Action we may take

Obviously we don’t want to lose a beautiful escort, but if she is upsetting our clients, it has to be done. If clients are consistently disappointed with a girl’s service then we have to address it. Her profile will be removed from the website and we will send her no more bookings. This will be after a warning perhaps, but this isn’t in order to make her do something she doesn’t want to, it’s just bad for business and we’d rather send bookings to escorts who can keep a client happy.

Why do services get refused?

As we mentioned, the services are nothing to do with us, but we do have some insight here of course. When girls apply to the agency they send us what they want to writing on their profiles, which boxes to tick etc. Now ask yourself, what would you do if you wanted as many bookings as possible when you arrived in London? Yes, you got it! You would tell the agency that you perhaps did things that you really didn’t do. This isn’t a common occurrence however, we must make this much clear. But if there ever is a problem it's usually because of this. It's not just the girls who are sometimes guilty of this, London escort agencies do the same whether their girls are aware or not. This is not a practice that we agree with and would never do this to anyone who we represented. There are some agencies that will tell you anything just to get a booking from you. Then when you arrive at your chosen girl’s apartment and discover that she knew nothing about it, and she is unable to be the ideal date you were looking for. At times like this, it is a good idea to tell your escort exactly what you were told by the agency. Only this way can it be sorted out between the girl and them. You are entitled to leave at the start of your booking if anything is not to your satisfaction, and you must always remember this, no matter who you book through. Don’t decide half way through that you’re not having a nice time though, this is just silly and wouldn’t be met with much approval from your escort, or the agency for that matter! We sincerely hope this has clarified our position on “escort services,” if you have any other questions, please do let us know and we’ll do our best to help. As we mentioned earlier, this sort of thing is very rare indeed, and we always operate in a fair and reasonable way with our clients and the girls we represent.


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