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Reaching your Escort Girl in London - London Cabs

There are a number of ways to reach your escort in London. If you're a relative stranger to the city it's probably worth knowing a few things about the operational habits of the city's famous cab drivers. It's important to know that there are two different types of taxi in London that you and your escort girlfriend might find yourselves in. If you ring and book a taxi in advance from a taxi firm the vehicle that comes to pick you will be a minicab. Minicab drivers are generally good, but many don't have very detailed knowledge of London, so it’s important to be as precise as possible when giving directions, both over the phone to the controller and to the driver. After all, if you've booked an expensive escort in London from London's top escort agency you don't want to be turning up late! Minicab drivers are not allowed to cruise the streets of London looking for customers such as VIP clients and their escort in London - only drivers of Hackney Carriages are allowed to do that. Hackney Carriage is a legal term for one of London's famous black cabs. Interestingly, due to the explosion of advertising on their bodywork, black cabs are not always black. In fact, they have a very distinctive appearance. When one is free it will usually display an orange 'for hire' sign above the windscreen. Black cabs are very spacious, and can carry five passengers. So if you decide to treat yourself by hiring not one but four escort girlfriends from London’s top escort agency, there'll be plenty of room for all of you in the back of the cab. Black cab drivers are often very charismatic individuals, and you can be sure that they know how to get you to your escort in London. Before they can be licensed to drive a hackney carriage they have to pass a test demonstrating a full and thorough grasp of The Knowledge - an incredibly detailed mental picture of the highways and byways of central London, based on 320 individual routes with thousands of stopping places. So you can depend on your cabbie being able to deliver you to your escort in London. Well, not exactly - the cabbie can take you to your escort girlfriend, but only your escort in London from London’s top agency can take you to paradise! Other options for reaching escorts in London include travelling by bus or cab.


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