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Reaching your Escort Girl in Central London - Congestion Charge

If you're thinking of visiting an escort in central London, and you're a stranger to the city, it may well be important that you know a little about the London Congestion Charge. You’ll have no problem if you're travelling by public transport or taxi to your bisexual call girl. But if your preferred London escort agency has directed you to the flat of an escort in central London and you decide to travel by car, you need to make sure you've paid the charge in advance. The price of the Congestion Charge is £8 for a day's pass, and you can pay online. Once you've paid and entered your registration number, you should be fine to drive in and out of the Congestion Charge Zone. As you travel to your escort in central London, the huge array of spy cameras will scan your car's number plate and match it against a database of registered numbers. Since you've paid, yours will match up and you'll be able to continue your visit to your escort in central London in peace. If you forget to pay you'll wind up with a £100 penalty charge. This is reduced to £50 if you cough up within 14 days, and increased to £150 if you fail to pay within 28. It’s best to pay the congestion charge if you want to avoid problems when visiting the bisexual call girl you’ve hired from your preferred London escort agency. The London Congestion Charge Zone was initially bounded by the London Inner Ring Road, which, confusingly, isn't a single road but a random collection of routes that have been strung together for administrative purposes. The Ring Road encloses all of the City and the West End, meaning that the majority of the areas in which bisexual call girls have their incall apartments were covered by the original London Congestion Charge Zone. Recently, the Congestion Charge Zone has expanded westwards, so it now encloses most of Kensington and Chelsea, another popular area for dating an escort in central London. You'd almost think that the Congestion Charge was specifically designed as a tax on the horny guys who are regular customers of the best escort agency in London! In short, if you want to avoid the charge the best bet is to travel to meet your escort in central London on foot or by public transport. It's less stressful, anyway - who wants to turn up at their bisexual call girl's flat all sweaty and stressed out after an hour's driving through central London? If the London Congestion Charge has one more benefit it might be that the client of an escort in central London arrives on time, and nice and relaxed! You can avoid the London congestion charge by travelling to your escort in central London by bus or taxi.


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