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Go easy on the booze gentlemen!

It’s an appeal article gents… Yes, you go that much right. Despite common sense, and frequent requests, it seems as though some people continue to book escorts when they’re out of their stinking drunk! It’s just not a good idea guys, and we’re here to tell you why.

You’ll be turned away

If you show up to an escort’s apartment steaming drunk, you will undoubtedly be turned away. It’s just not worth that girl letting you into her apartment if you can barely stand. The chances are, you will either end up passed out on her floor, or making a nuisance of yourself in her bathroom. Either way it’s not going to be a pleasant experience for her is it? And yes, before you ask, it is about her experience too. If you want to have a good time with one of the girls you see on our website, it’s vitally important that they have a good time with you too. Your experience won’t be fun if the girl you’re with is unhappy with you being there. That’s just common sense really. These girls are not machines that you can switch on and off at will. On top of this, if you are turned away, you have also wasted an enormous amount of her time in the process. From the moment you made the call, or sent the message to the agency to book in with your chosen escort, she has been preparing for your arrival. When you add that time to the time that she could have been with another client, it’s a lot of money isn’t it? So please, don’t waste her time.

She’ll leave

If it’s an outcall booking, you’re going to waste even more of her time. She’ll have spent time getting ready for you, and then she’ll have taken a cab to your apartment or hotel. It’s a lot of trouble for a London escort to get to your hotel room. They do very well indeed actually, considering that some of them do not speak the best English. They have to negotiate a ride there, then they have to negotiate their way to your hotel room. They have no idea who is going to greet them, so they’re arguably a little anxious too. Imagine their dissatisfaction when they are invited in by a drunk. It’s very important to remind you here that if you do this, and she decides to leave, you will need to pay her some money. The ride over will have cost her, not to mention the time she could have been spending with a more deserving client. It’s not beyond their capabilities, or willingness to make a scene if you don’t pay them either. We have no control over this, or their behaviour, but we do have every sympathy for them. If someone did that to us and then refused to compensate our expenses, we’d be pretty pissed off too; as we are sure you would be. Imagine if you turned up to an escorts apartment and found her so drunk she could barely talk to you or stand on her own two feet? Not a pleasurable experience we’re sure you will agree, and you would want some form of compensation for your time.

Everything in moderation

It’s never been truer than when it comes to booking escorts gentlemen. Let’s face it, if you’re out of your mind, you’re not even going to have a nice time anyway are you? In fact, you probably won’t even remember much of your meeting, and that would be a terrible shame. Have you even looked at our gallery of escorts? There are some truly wonderful women on there, and all of them really deserve your uninterrupted attention in our opinion. There’s nothing wrong with a couple of beers before your meeting, or a stiff one of course, it calms the nerves and we totally get it. You can even share a drink or two with your chosen girl, but too much is never a good idea guys.


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