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Dating an Escort Girl

Is dating an escort a good idea

Well, let’s look at a few things to begin with. London escort girls are incredibly beautiful. They kind of have to be really, don’t they? Otherwise they wouldn’t be very popular. So, this makes them highly desirable to literally any man out there. They are every man’s fantasy date, and this is what they do for a living. They provide fantasy dates. They offer their companionship to guys who wouldn’t ordinarily date such gorgeous women, or guys that wouldn’t probably stand a chance with them. So, what is the reality of actually dating one of these stunners?

It’s going to be tough. We won’t lie to you. If you happen to be lucky enough to actually date one of these girls, it won’t be an easy ride (no pun intended). And we haven’t even gotten onto what they do for a living. We’re still just talking about what they look like. So, you’re dating an unbelievably hot girl. What do you think is going to happen? She is going to be desired by every man you meet. If you are the jealous type, dating an escort is definitely not a good idea. She will be admired wherever you go together, and she will be hit on mercilessly, literally all the time. She may well be very used to this behaviour, but are you?

Confident Women

Escorts are incredibly confident women. They have to be in this business. They have to be confident with their bodies and their general appearance, as well as with what they do for a living. Escorting aside for the moment, a lot of men cannot manage a strong and confident woman. They are often intimidated by strong women. If you are this type of man (and there’s nothing wrong with that), then again, dating an escort is a bad idea. And it will never last a very long time if you can’t deal with her self-confidence. There is one thing an escort will never allow to happen, and that is for anyone to put them down or dominate them.

There are many bisexual girls among the escorts we list at Angels of London too. Most men think this is a wonderful quality to have in their girlfriend, but then they quickly become intimidated by their girlfriend’s sexuality and confidence with both sexes. If you are dating a bisexual, you had best be prepared for them to be sexually attracted to all genders. This really opens up the chance of her finding someone else if she chooses!

The Job

By far the biggest obstacle in the way when it comes to dating an escort. Many men like to think that they would be “cool with it,” and they are liberated and open minded enough to understand the chosen career path of their girlfriend and not have a problem with it. But in reality, it’s never easy, and it rarely works. It may well be a very unique and interesting relationship in the beginning, and you may feel as though you can cope with it, but it will grind you down eventually. This kind of works in the adult entertainment industry when it comes to porn stars and people like that, if both parties are in the business, but rarely in escorting. If both of you are porn stars, and you are getting paid to do this work, it’s a lot easier to cope with the fact that your partner is having sex with someone else. Mainly because you are too of course, but it’s mostly because the porn industry is a very clinical and open door type of business. It’s not just two or more people having sex, there are camera crews around, producers etc. so it seems a lot more like a job. With escorting, it’s a lot more intimate, and it’s incredibly rare for a male and a female escort to have a relationship.

It’s also not just down to how you feel about your girlfriend’s escorting career. It’s often about how she feels about it too. Most escorts are getting what they want from being an escort, both emotionally and financially. They can sometimes have quite meaningful relationships with clients who they see regularly, and they don’t really need a boyfriend waiting for them when they have finished work. Most are happy to just have time alone or with friends when they are not working. They don’t need to be catering to the needs of a boyfriend, who will often be insecure about their relationship. So, in reality, just getting an escort to date you would be a massive achievement, and one you would most certainly have to work to maintain.

They Rarely Want It

Unless you’re a billionaire or something like that, it’s incredibly rare that an escort will want to date you. And even if she does, it will clearly be for financial security, and it will be glaringly obvious. If you’re ok with that kind of arrangement, then good luck to you, but if you want our advice, we would just stick to booking these wonderful creatures when the mood takes you. Even better if you’re filthy rich of course! You can have as many as you want, whenever and wherever you want.

So the short answer to the question: Is dating an escort a good idea? No, it’s really not!


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