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    French Kiss Escorts

    Welcome to our gallery of French kiss escorts. We’re not quite sure why they named it after the French, but there’s nothing quite as passionate as a sultry French kiss is there? And here at Angels of London there are hundreds of stunning escorts who love nothing more than getting their juicy lips puckered up for a sexy session. French kissing is a form of kissing that can always get your pulse racing. The idea of caressing a girl’s sweet tongue with your own can be quite positively mouth-watering. You can say a lot with a kiss, and whilst you’re not always guaranteed the girls will want to kiss you, it’s the perfect way to start the evening with your hot date.

    A sensual French kiss, in the right circumstances, can often lead to a much more erotic encounter with a girl. If you are lucky enough to meet a girl in a bar or a club, and you get to this point, the chances are that you will be getting much further. Allowing someone to kiss you is a gateway to sensual possibilities. If a girl has consented to kiss you, it’s pretty certain that she is genuinely attracted to you. The mere touch of lips between two people causes a chemical reaction in the human body, releasing dopamine (the pleasure hormone), which instantly makes you feel better. It’s what we like to term as the “ice-breaker,” because most of your nerves dissipate after the initial kiss. It doesn’t matter if you are with an escort, or a regular girl, a kiss is very important.

    Not all escorts like to kiss

    You are pretty lucky if the girl you like appears in this gallery of escorts who French Kiss, because not all girls do. There are girls in the industry who prefer not to kiss their clients at any time. Maybe they have a boyfriend, or maybe they consider it to be an act that is just a little too intimate, we don’t know. But if you should book a girl who does not like to kiss, you should always respect her decision. That said, it is worth noting here that even though these girls are on this page because they enjoy the act of French kiss, it does not mean they will want to kiss you. Again, we have said it on previous pages, and we will say it again here. Just because it says she “enjoys” this, it does not mean you are entitled to it. You pay an escort for her time and companionship only. Please remember this.

    If you are hoping for an escort who kisses, to actually kiss you, please ensure that your personal hygiene is at a good standard. No matter how handsome or charming you are, any girl (escort or not) is unlikely to want to kiss you if your breath stinks! If you are a smoker and she isn’t, this is another problem. Use some mouthwash, brush your teeth, chew some gum, but do something to make the prospect of kissing you not so abhorrent.

    More than French Kissing?

    There are escorts who enjoy deep French kissing. You may want to ask what this is. You can learn more over on that page, but suffice to say it is literally French kissing, but much deeper. Think tickling tonsils and you’re getting close to what it actually means. It can be a highly sensual experience, when two lovers have thrown all caution to the wind and are aware only of themselves and the moment they are in. It’s a very passionate kiss, usually reserviced for those escorts who offer the girlfriend experience.

    Professional escorts

    All the girls at Angels of London are highly professional London escorts who offer their time and companionship at their own discretion. We have no control over what the girls do or don’t do on their dates with their clients, and we absolutely refuse to get involved in any disputes pertaining to what services are listed on an escort’s profile page. As we mentioned earlier, it’s up to the girl you book whether or not she decides to kiss you or not. All we know is that she does enjoy it. But this does not mean that she will necessarily enjoy it with you. It’s all about personal preference at the end of the day. However, if a girl consistently says she is this or that or does this and that and continually disappoints our clients, we will consider removing her from our agency. There are always other girls who will not lower the reputation Angels of London have worked so hard to earn.

    As usual, if you have any questions, please get in touch with our receptionists, who will be pleased to help you.


    Variety is “the spice of life,” so they say. Here at Angels of London, we numerous categories for you to choose from. The girls we represent come to us from all over the world, they are all different ages, shapes and sizes. Whatever type of girl you are looking for, you are sure to find the perfect companion here. You can browse the girls by location too. You will find that we have most of Central London and the West End well covered. Our girls are available for both incall and outcall services, and they are always highly professional and discreet. You can count on the best!


    If couldn’t be any easier to book an escort with Angels of London. All the usual booking methods are available. You can call us directly, you can send us a message, WhatsApp, or even use our dedicated booking form. Your hardest job will be choosing which girl to spend time with. Most of the information you need about any girl, can easily be found on her dedicated profile page. However, should you have any additional questions you would like to ask, you can always get in touch with us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and if we cannot answer you, we’ll ask your chosen girl and get back to you.


    Angels of London are open from 09.00am – 04.00am. We are one of the few 24-hour agencies that are able to find you a companion practically any time you want. Because we represent so many girls, we have them available around the clock. Our receptionists can help guide you to the best choices, dependent on the time of day or night you wish to book. Some girls operate best in the middle of the night, and some in the middle of the day. So, if you’re up in the middle of the night and you can’t sleep, we have you covered. If you are looking for company on your lunch hour, we have you covered. You can book them anytime you like!

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