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Wining And Dining Your Escort Girl

]If you're going out on an outcall date with a sexy young escort girl - rather than staying at her place for some horny incall fun - one of the first things you might enjoy is wining and dining her at one of London's many restaurants. Great idea! However, like so many ideas, this one is riddled with pitfalls. Here at Angels of London, we don't just provide you with the most beautiful callgirls in London - we want you to have a great time with them. So here are a few tips and tricks to make your wining and dining dinner date with a horny, busty, teenage escort go with a swing: Choose the right kind of restaurant for wining and dining. This is very important for a number of reasons. It's generally not a good idea to take a sexy young escort girl out for a curry or an Italian. Both of these cuisines - lovely though they are - tend to make for fairly messy meals. It's unlikely that by the time your private session with your sexy young escort girl comes round, you're going to want to have some sexy fun with a girl who's plastered in chicken Korma or bolognese sauce. Likewise, you horny escort companion isn't going to want to be in a mess - all elite escorts are very particular about their appearance, and would be horrified to appear in public looking a mess. Think about what you eat. You'll notice that your sexy escort girlfriend is quite careful about what she chooses to eat when wining and dining - she knows that if she picks the wrong dish it will spoil your experience with her. Likewise, if you're planning some sexy private time after the meal, it's a good idea to stay away from garlic and other strong flavours. You don't want your escort to have to put up with garlic breath, do you? Of course, being a true professional - and Angels of London only uses professional incall and outcall escort girls - she won't breathe a word, but she might find it hard to put heart and soul into her perormance! Don't eat or drink too much! Not drinking too much is a fairly obvious thing to say - you want to be in ship shape to enjoy the charms of your escort girl and your outcall appointment once you get back to your hotel room. But it's not a good idea to eat a heavy meal, either: there's no surer way of inhibiting your own performance than trying to work on a full stomach after wining and dining - and you don't want to let down the horny young teenager when you've booked her for an evening of sexy fun, do you? In general, the old advice applies: use a bit of common sense when wining and dining and your outcall date with the sexy blonde, brunette or redhead escort that you've booked through Angels of London should be one of the best nights out you've ever had!


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