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Romantic or Risqué: The Two Types of Hot Escort Dates

While there are so many things you can do with your Angels of London escort, there are two main types of escort dates, particularly when it comes to the bedroom. We have the romantic and we have the risqué. What you and your favourite callgirl get up to is entirely up to you. The romantic tends to be a slower and more sensual experience. This is particularly recommended for those who are newer to the world of escorts and want to get to know their Angels of London escort. There are certain types of services that fall into the romantic side of escort dates. For example, the girlfriend experience. Often abbreviated as GFE, the girlfriend experience is a service that (as the name suggests) lets you experience having a girlfriend! This is great for those who simply don’t care to have a real relationship due to a lack of time or simply a lack of interest. With the GFE, your Angels of London escort will ask you about your day, kiss and cuddle you and much, much more! Another more romantic service is that of the erotic massage. Your favourite callgirl most likely knows how to give a massage. In fact, she may even be an expert! She’ll warm up the oils and get to work, ironing out any aches and pains. She might even explore a little more than the typical masseuse. After all, it is an erotic massage! There are a few other services that fit more into the romantic than the risqué. It really depends on how they’re used. For example, both uniforms and toys can be used by Angels of London escorts. Naturally which naughty outfit and erotic toys are used can change the mood of escort dates very quickly indeed! So make sure you let your favorite callgirl know what it is that you’re looking for. More risqué types of escort dates could include services such as BDSM and watersports. These are two activities that are considered more extreme and thus not for the faint-hearted! BDSM stands for bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism. Most Angels of London escorts offer this service. Whether you want your favourite callgirl to be dominant or submissive, she’ll play the role to perfection. Watersports is the erotic use of urination and is also referred to as a ‘golden shower’. The activity of watersports is connected to BDSM is some ways as its use can be used in dominance and submission. There are plenty of other equally naughty activities best saved for the bedroom and we encourage you to take a look at our Angels Gallery in order to find an escort that best suits your preferences.


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