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Roleplay Escorts: Your desires and worries discussed.

The vast majority of you guys would really like to try out a bit of roleplay we’re sure, but you’d be surprised at just how many request this. It’s not usually something you talk about we know. Much less ask questions about when you call your favourite escort agency. But we would like to reassure you (if that’s what it takes) that we are very open minded and liberated, and quite prepared to discuss your preferences on the phone. Much more willing to do this than do it via text message, WhatsApp, or email actually. It’s more immediate, and we are then much better equipped to get you what you really want.

Speak up

If you have a good general idea about the kind of thing you would be interested in, we are more than likely going to know which specialist, roleplay escorts to recommend to you. If you’re going to need a nurse for example, as part of your roleplay, it’s no good sending you to a girl who doesn’t have this item of fetish wear in her wardrobe! Most of our London escorts have a vast array of outfits at their disposal, but we like to be doubly sure that the one you have chosen is there and is ready. If you can think of it, these young ladies have probably either done it before, or they’d be keen to try it out.

Professional specialist roleplay escorts

Also, it’s worth pointing out here that just because the girl you have chosen does indeed have the outfit, it doesn’t mean for a moment that she will be good enough, or appropriate for your roleplay desires. If you’re just experimenting then this probably doesn’t matter too much, but it really needs to be as good as it can get on your first experience doesn’t it? In order to get a good idea of whether or not you like it. This is why we would recommend you to a professional in this area.

Don’t worry

Some of you don’t book because you don’t know what to book, some of you are embarrassed, but most of you are worried. You’re worried that the young escort you are with is going to think what you want is ridiculous mostly. This is simply not the case. And the girls don’t meet up once a week or so to discuss just how silly their clients are! This is part of their business and most of the time they love playing different roles, and all of them love dressing up. You will never really know the joy a young woman gets from looking sexy in any particular outfit. So, make sure you let them know just how good they look when you first see them; they’ll be sure to show you plenty of appreciation! If we’re talking about roleplay, we could of course touch upon the domination community. If you’d like to try out a dominant escort, this is where there are a number of other worries to be considered. It’s not all about the leather costumes, the PVC, the whips and ball gags you know. Most men who try out BDSM escort experiences begin by freaking out about not liking it, or about getting hurt. Let us be very clear here. Some of the girls we represent may well be into domination, and they may be good at it, but it’s just another role; it’s all just a game gentlemen!

Sometimes it’s just about the outfit

Whether it’s the leather and PVC that goes with the domination styles, the schoolgirl short skirts and pigtails, or the tiny hat and the stethoscope of the nurse, it’s not always about the “role”. Sometimes it’s just about the outfit and how pretty any particular model escort looks in it. Some men desire to see their companions dressed up in costume like this, rather than in a stylish evening dress, or other outfit. This is perfectly understandable, and it’s each to his own. The girls are always happy to oblige if they can. And don’t worry, if you book an outcall and request that your chosen girl be a French maid or a nurse etc. she won’t turn up in the lobby dressed like that and draw a lot of unwanted attention to herself. These girls are stupid! They’re highly professional and discreet. They’ll bring whatever they need with them in a bag and change when they arrive in your room. You needn’t worry about a thing! Call Angels of London for more information about our specialist London escorts


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