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Places To Take Your Escort Girl: The British Grand Prix

If your escort is the sort of girl who likes excitement, risk and glamour, then a Grand Prix is definitely the place to take her. The Formula One season runs from late spring to early autumn, and if you're careful to book in advance you should be able to get tickets to take yourself and your escort girl to the British Grand Prix. The British Grand Prix is usually held in July, and will - for the next few years at least - continue to be held at Silverstone in Northamptonshire. Silverstone's pretty easy to get to from London, so hire a cute young callgirl from Angels of London, your favourite elite escort agency, pick her up and head up the M1. Parking at Silverstone can be a bit of a nightmare. One solution to this is to book you and your escort girlfriend a room at a country house hotel within twenty miles or so of the track and organise a helicopter to lift you and your favourite elite escort agency girl to the track itself. Silverstone is built on the site of a former RAF base, and still has all its old runways and helipads. During race weekend it becomes the busiest non-commercial airfield in the country, so make sure your chopper pilot has booked a landing slot. Our cute young callgirls love the glamour of arriving by helicopter, but central London call girls are generally not so keen on the idea of circling for hours at a time while waiting to land! Once you and your escort are down on the ground, you need to bag a good spot to watch the race. The grandstands are fun if you like to see the cars whizzing past the finish. However, if you think your escort girlfriend would like to admire the skill of the drivers at closer quarters, the Priory/Brooklands bend complex is a good space. Your escort can admire the cars whizzing down Farm Straight before the left-left-right of Priory and Brooklands. In modern F1, bends are the place to go for excitement, as very few cars from leading teams actually overtake each other on the straights. If you can, try to take your escort girl to the Grand Prix as part of a corporate hospitality deal - that way you get lots of great free food and drink and your central London call girl may even get to meet some of the drivers. If you can arrange this she's bound to be really grateful - so make sure you get in your chopper and back to your hotel with plenty of time to spare, so you and your cute young callgirl from London’s favourite elite escort agency can have a very special pit stop of your own!


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