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Places to take Your Escort Girl: St James

If you feel like being a little aristocratic for the day, you should take your outcall escort for a wander around St James. It's a small area bordered by Regent Street in the east, St James Street in the west, Piccadilly to the north and Pall Mall to the south. But size doesn’t always matter! St James’s reputation is what sets it apart. One of the reasons why a stroll with an escort in St James is so pleasant is that it's relatively quiet. Nearby Piccadilly is the very definition of chaos, Regent Street is usually packed and even Pall Mall can get a bit crowded. But, as you and your outcall escort will discover, St James can be a little oasis of calm in the middle of the West End. Of course, it's also very close to many escorts’ incall flats, and even those that are based as far away as Kensington and Chelsea shouldn't experience too many problems getting over to St James. It's also close to many of the West End hotels that you might think about using with your outcall escort. St James is a great place to shop, and that's something that every escort in London loves to do. But it's a good place to go for an interesting twist on the London shopping experience, for in St James very many of the stores and boutiques are actually aimed at men. Jermyn Street, in particular, is a great place to go if you want your outcall escort to give you advice on buying new shirts, ties or shoes. Most of the businesses along her are based in small shops, some of them in quaint little arcades that an escort in St James will love exploring. The other great thing about the area is that it's very close to St James' Park - not the famous Newcastle football ground, but the fantastic open space. So if, after you've spent some time shopping for shirts and ties with your escort in St James you feel like a little light exercise, it's not far away! Of course, if you feel like some more physical exercise, your escort's incall flat isn't far away either!


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