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Places To Take Your Escort Girl: The Houses of Parliament

There are lots of interesting things to see and do with your escort in and around London. Many girls working for central London escort agencies are very educated and interested in politics, so an outcall visit to the Palace of Westminster - home to the House of Commons and the House of Lords - could be a great place to visit. The palace isn't as old as many might think, having been largely constructed in the nineteenth century after the old palace burned down in 1834. However, as the political hub of Britain for many years, it's a fascinating place to explore with your escort girl. If you want a proper look around you need to visit when Parliament isn't in session. Guided tours are available, but by far the best way to get a look around is to write to your MP. If he or she isn't some sort of important bigwig minister you'll probably get a free tour, especially if you live in a marginal constituency - politicians will do anything to fawn and creep around members of their electorate if they think their seat is in danger. If you don't want a full tour, you can always take your escort girlfriend along to the Strangers' Gallery to view the proceedings of the House of Commons. It's a good idea to go when things are quiet, because even the most distinguished of central London escort agencies’ clients can't jump the queue. Once inside, you and your escort will be able to admire Britain's political elite from close range. Sexy young escorts working for central London escort agencies love the cut and thrust of parliamentary debate, but there's only so much of it that one blonde or brunette escort can take. So after you've enjoyed your outcall visit to The Houses of Parliament why retire to your hotel room or the incall flat of your escort? The exchanges you'll get up to on the floor there will be far more fun than any of those in the House of Commons!


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