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Looking to get a Start in the British Escort Industry

So, you have researched the escort business thoroughly, perhaps even spoken to friends or friends of friends who are active escorts and have weighed up the pros and cons of working as an escort. The lucrative earning potential is obviously one of the major plus points that incentives many choosing to become an escort, but there are many other important considerations.

Having the correct discipline and organisation is essential be becoming a successful escort. Bookings that arrive via an escort agency are frequently booked at the last minute and require the escort to drop everything and attend to the appointment as quickly as possible. This often means that your makeup must be done and your favourite taxi company is on speed dial ready for you to hit the road. Many bookings are lost simply because the escort cannot arrive in the timeframe specified by the client.

Making yourself available as much as possible is invaluable. If a businessman client books an escort on a Monday evening, there is also a good chance that that same client is available the following day, which means the escort can turn the single booking into a double booking, and potentially a longer booking happening on the following day, thus meaning the escort can potentially make more than double the money from the same client.

Some of the downsides to escort work can be the long hours and the frustration of waiting around for appointments to be confirmed. But connecting with a well-established escort agency should mean that they already have many existing clients and importantly that they have the client relationship in place to screen clients quickly and confirm the booking. Independent escorts often struggle in the area because they often only have a small pool of existing clients and find it time consuming and complicated to screen and book with new clients. Agencies such as Cardiff Desires on the other hand, have the marketing and resources in place 24/7 to keep a revolving door of new clients using the agency’s escorts on a daily basis.

To get your start as an escort, firstly decide whether you want to work as an “independent” or with an agency. If you opt for an agency, a commission or “House fee” will be payable to the agency but in exchange for that they will provide you with good quality, vetted clients and often a driver / security to keep you safe. Independent escorts are slightly more vulnerable, especially if they are inexperienced and have no knowledge of the industry, but there are many independents who make it work successfully.


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