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Incall escort locations and how to manage them

Today we’re talking about incall escort locations. We’re going to help you deal with any potential worries and concerns you may have about visiting an escort. We’re also going to address some of the perennial problems that already exist when visiting girls at their apartments and offer you some practical solutions about how to deal with them if and when they do.

I don’t belong in this building!

This is common. You automatically think there will be a problem because you don’t reside in the apartment building you’re going to. You think someone will spot you and questions you, or something like that. It’s really not the case, but if you’re still worried, the best thing to do in cases like Chelsea Cloisters for example, is to walk straight in and over to the elevators like you belong there. If it’s a big building, the chances are that anyone on duty at the buildings, working behind the desk or otherwise, won’t even know whether you belong there or not anyway! And that’s not even the point is it? People visit other people, it’s a fact of life. No one knows why you are there, or who you have come to see, and they don’t care either. Just walk through the doors like you are invited and go from there.

Where are the elevators? What floor is that on?

When you get your confirmation SMS, unless you have been to that particular apartment building before, these will be the main things on your mind. When you arrive you may not be able to see the elevators from outside the door, and you may not know which floor the room is on. You can do two things here: you can get on with it and find out, or you can send us a message back and ask us straight (if we haven’t already made it clear in your message that is!) It’s usually very easy to find the elevators when you walk through the door. You can perhaps pretend to be texting or talking on the phone, so that you can take your time and loiter a little in the lobby whilst checking out the layout. Or alternatively you could be as bold as brass and simply ask where the elevators are. As we said previously, no one knows or cares what you are doing. When it comes to which floor you need to be on, just take a guess. When you get out of the lift you’ll have a better idea how close you came and you’ll be able to pick the right floor.

There’s a guy at the desk!

This really isn’t as huge a problem as you think it is. He’s not there to check why everyone is coming and going in the building, and you need to remember this. These doormen or people on desks etc. don’t get paid enough money to challenge everyone who walks through the door. They’re not nosey people, and they really couldn’t care less what you’re doing there, as long as you’re behaving yourself. These people are there in case any one of the residents in that particular building need assistance, there is an emergency, or some kind of safety and security issue. That’s what they are there for and they are not interested in the fact that you are dropping by to see an escort for an hour or two. At the end of the day, they’ll be well used to this anyway. If you stop and think for a moment just how many escorts in London there are, and how many there will be in any one of the big apartment building around Chelsea etc. then these “desk people” must see plenty of men coming and going. They will not take issue with one more, as long as you behave of course. If you come stumbling through the door in a drunken state, causing a fuss, then it’s their job to find out more about why exactly you are there!

Buzzers and waiting around!

There have been problems with admittance here and there, but not often. If you are waiting on the street for example and your London escort hasn’t answered the buzzer, this can be a little embarrassing we get it. Especially if it’s late at night. The best thing to do is to remain calm, and behave as though you are meant to be there, and you are literally just waiting for your friend to buzz you in. If you don’t get any response on a second buzz or knock or whatever, simply call us up and we will try to reach your chosen girl. Remember that we have direct contact with her, so we can get you an immediate answer. Sometimes buzzers stop working, or sometimes other things have happened, but your escort could well be waiting up there for you. And don’t worry, if you booked a short time ago, she’s there, she’s just a woman and probably messing about with her makeup. Be patient!


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