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Providing London Escort Feedback - Part Two

The next most important thing to rate is how your sexy London escort looked. This isn't simply a question of how she looked in a purely physical sense. Most UK callgirls working in London are extremely good looking, and a common piece of feedback is that the photos of a particular London escort did not do her justice - certainly, at Angels of London, we're told that all the time. So appearance is about far more than just looks. But how do you go about judging how much effort a sexy London escort from an elite London escort agency has put into making herself beautiful for you, her incall or outcall client? Well, one of the most obvious things you can report back on is what she was wearing. Most blonde, brunette or redhead escorts from London escort agencies have a very expensive wardrobe, and are very careful to match their outfit so that it suits the kind of date they are going on. Sultry and seductive incalls, particularly if taken with two bisexual UK callgirls for a kinky threesome, call for sexy lingerie or maybe even a uniform of some sort. At the other end of the scale, escorting to major corporate events in London requires a more demure and businesslike look. Nights at the theatre or opera call for a London escort to wear chic and sexy evening wear. A truly professional London escort will also take a good deal of care over her makeup. In fact, sexy UK callgirls from a top agency in London may want to take a few moments at the start of your time together just to touch up her mascara and lipstick. This is especially likely to be the case if she has had to travel a significant distance across London - say, for example, if you have booked the hot London escort for an outcall appointment at a Heathrow or Gatwick hotel. If you have requested cute UK callgirls travel a relatively long way and particularly if the appointment has been made at the last minute, you may have to cut her a little slack in the appearance stakes, as she won't have had the time and facilities to make herself as gorgeous as she would for an incall apartment at her own central London flat. To continue reading about escort feedback, be sure to read part 3 -


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