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Escort Girls by Nationality: Russian Escorts

We’re back with another guide to our escorts from around the world! Last week we took a look at Brazilian escorts. This week we’re going to learn all about Russian escorts. At Angels of London escort agency, we have dozens of callgirls from Russia available to you. Russian blondes, Russian brunettes and Russian redheads - they’re all here! It’s often said that Russian women are mysterious – even for Russian men! This makes every date with Russian escorts exciting because you never know what might happen. These beautiful and intelligent creatures don’t give too much away at once which makes longer dates (such as overnight bookings) and repeat bookings a particularly good idea. Callgirls from Russia love a gentleman. So if you’re planning your next escort date then you might want to consider wining and dining at a London restaurant or perhaps a trip to the theatre. That way you can show your Russian escorts your chivalrous side. Don’t worry, your Russian escort definitely wants to see that naughtier side of you too – but more on that later! So we know that Russian escorts love a gentleman. Another thing callgirls from Russia very much appreciate is being showered with attention. Ask her about her day, enquire about her interests and compliment her on her sexy outfit and she’ll certainly warm up to you in no time. What’s more, any attention you provide Russian escorts will be reciprocated ten-fold. It’s a win-win! We mentioned appreciating the sexy outfits worn by Russian escorts and it would be remiss of us not to elaborate on this subject. Callgirls from Russia love to dress sexy for parties, events and even for dates at your home or hotel. Whether it’s a tight-fitting cocktail dress or a kinkier outfit in the form of a teacher or nurse, these beautiful women will not disappoint! At the end of the day, their appearance is very important to them and they want to look their best for you. While callgirls from Russia love dressing sexy, they also appreciate a man who dresses nicely. Making that extra effort can help you go the extra mile on your escort date! So what else do Russian escorts like? Well, they like men who are assertive. That doesn’t mean aggressively assertive, but a man who is able to make decisions when necessary. This can be particularly useful in the bedroom! Lastly, being kind and considerate will surely win the heart of callgirls from Russia. Explore our Angels Gallery and you’ll no doubt come across many Russian escorts, all as beautiful as each other. They tend to be slim and sexy with long legs and the most hypnotizing of eyes. What you can’t see from her sexy profile photos is just how intelligent she is. Callgirls from Russia are often students in London and love to learn. We hope this convinces you to book one of our Russian escorts in London with our UK escort agency. Dating Russian escorts is fun, fascinating and sure to lead to many more dates in the future.


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