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Tips for Dealing With The Money

All of the escort girls that work for Angels of London are so damn horny that, given the choice, they would quite happily work for free. However, a girl has to live, which is why they charge non-negotiable fees. Our horny young escorts, offering incalls and outcalls throughout London, are confident that they represent some of the very best value around for your money. No matter how good the value that our sexy escort girls offer, you don't want to be worrying about money during your incall or outcall date with the erotic companion (or bisexual companions) of your choice. For that reason, we recommend a few simple steps to get the financial side of things out of the way quickly and within minimum fuss. Our London escort girls don't take credit cards (where would they swipe them?) or cheques - they appreciate payment in cash only. As we've said, our incall and outcall escorts' fees are absolutely non-negotiable, so don't get your date off to a bad start by trying to haggle for money. You'll meet with steadfast refusal from the horny young escort in question - and you don't want to remember your date for having an argument, you want to remember it as a really fun time with an erotic companion. Our horny young escorts will expect you to pay at the start of the date. The best way to do this - especially if you're a little nervous in the presence of some of our stunning escort girls - is to work out the fee in advance and put the money in cash in an unsealed envelope. When you meet at start of your date, either pass it to the girl directly or leave it on a table where she can see it - she'll understand what it is. Please, don't be offended if your chosen erotic companion counts the cash in front of you - she doesn't know who you are, and she wants to establish that you're the nice, honest guy that you seem to be! This whole money process should take around thirty seconds if you're honest and well-prepared. Then you can go on to the main event - some sexy fun with one of the best looking escort girls in London, from London's very best escort agency: Angels of London!


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