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Changed your mind? Cancelling your escort booking.

If there’s anything more annoying for an agency than girls who won’t answer the phone when you have a booking for them, it’s clients that fail to cancel. Perhaps you’ve been guilty of this before? Whilst we understand that things happen, and sometimes you just change your mind, we consider it good manners to call us at your earliest convenience anyway to cancel if you can. We’re running a business, as we’re sure you can appreciate. And if you don’t want your booking, we can always give the time slot to another client who is interested in dating the escort you chose. It’s not just us that’s losing out of course, the girl you were going to see will too!

Just call

We really don’t mind when you call, as long as you call as soon as you know you can’t keep the booking. Cancelling incall bookings are much easier of course. If a girl is popular enough, she’ll more than likely be re-booked for an incall. Well, hopefully! Then all her getting ready, choosing an outfit and such won’t have gone to waste. Whilst escorts like to look good, they don’t relish sitting in their apartment in an evening dress, stockings and heels, just to watch TV!

Cancelling outcall escorts

Outcalls are a little more problematic of course. The problem with outcall girls is that they’ve more than likely had to pay out some cash to get to you if you’ve left it too late. In cases like this we would expect you to pay a little towards their expenses. If we’re lucky then you will have booked a girl who is local to your home or hotel. We know, when she shows up, you may well change your mind again and choose to keep the booking! As long as we know what’s going on all will be fine, we’re a reasonable and versatile escort agency.

Why have second thoughts?

So, what is it? Last minute nerves? You feel bad about it? You should take some time to carefully consider just why you need to cancel, if it’s not for some practical reason like your wife came home, or there has been some kind of emergency of course! If it’s nerves or a question of moral crisis, then it’s just a matter of perspective. You have to consider that a hell of a lot of men visit escorts in London. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be so many escorts available. It’s a supply and demand thing gents, let’s face it! Agencies like ours wouldn’t exist if gentlemen like yourself didn’t go ahead with their bookings. And we can add to this that those gentlemen had a damn good time with their chosen lady. We can’t remember the last time we had any type of complaint. The girls are professional, they love their careers and they’re very eager to please. That should help any of your nervous guys out there. These girls are well used to nervous clients; and they don’t stay nervous for long!

Have it your way

We look forward to hearing from you. Call us at your earliest convenience, and don’t hesitate to let us know about any special requirements. We’ll always be happy to pass on anything to your chosen companion. Have it your way with Angels of London!


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