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Become a member of Captain 69 (London escort reviews and more)

Perhaps you don’t know what Captain 69 is? It’s a member site that allows you to take your escort hobby to the next level. It doesn’t cost much to join (around £10 a month, cheaper if you get a yearly membership) and it’s completely anonymous of course. It is widely considered as one of the most respected escort reviews sites in the world, not just London. Both independent and agency escorts are reviewed from all over the UK and abroad. It’s not unusual to see reviews of girls from many other places in Europe, and even farther afield. It really is quite the community. It’s also a platform that enables to you to directly message agencies and independent girls on the website, and comment on the discussion boards that all pertain to escorting.

Trusted escort reviews

When you read a review on Captain 69 it’s almost certainly the real deal. This is what you pay for, this is what the members expect, and this is what the owners and operators of the site ensure. If they think for a second that the review is a fake they simply won’t publish it. And they don’t need to give a reason why either. It’s easy to spot fake reviews in places like this really, because there are so many other escort hobbyists. Chances are if you post something about a girl or an agency, someone else will have seen that girl or used that agency before unless they’re brand new. So people have to be very aware that they’ll be called out on anything that couldn’t possibly be true. Captain 69 send more valuable website traffic to agencies and independent than many other places. And the reason we say “valuable” traffic is simply because anyone clicking a link to an agency site from Captain 69 has more than likely read a review of a girl and they’re interested in booking her based on that review. At the very least, if they’re coming from Captain 69, they’re obviously looking for a girl! It’s better to get visitors to your website who are actually looking for the services you’re providing. One actual escort fan is far more valuable than 1000 website browsers!


The forums are also very useful. There’s always a lively discussion going on about something that pertains to the escort business. The guys on there are friendly and welcoming to new clients, and you’ll always get a warm response from introducing yourself. Be careful however, when you start to comment on things however, they’re a very liberated, open minded bunch as you can probably imagine. Don’t be uptight about things on there, and don’t force your opinions down other people’s throats. No-one would like that, whether they’re in a specialist forum or not. Communicate with the other guys, ask advice on things if you’re not sure. It’s best to be honest and open about what you’re not sure of. You can tell who has been there a while too, because you can click on their individual profiles and read their reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask about any of their reviews either. These guys are a community. They’re a community of individuals who want to make the escorting business in London and around the world an enjoyable, safe and friendly community. They know that their reviews are an important part of this process and they’re mostly more than happy to give feedback.

Submit your own reviews

When you join, submit a review and see how it goes. Before long you’ll have built yourself up quite a profile if you book often. Patterns will emerge that can allow you to monitor your own hobby too if you like. You’ll have favourite agencies, type of girls, even make some friends with the other members if you’re lucky. There’s a very good messaging system on site and also live chat with members of the site who are logged in if you like. Chat with service providers Remember that you can also chat with the service providers too. This means that if there’s an escort you like on there, who has been posting on the forum and also advertising her services etc. in the adverts section, message her and find out more about her services. When else do you get the opportunity to chat like this with an escort prior to a booking. Or even an agency come to think of it!

Go along and check out Captain 69 – One of the world’s most respected, independent escort review sites.


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